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Samuel in Japan

Here are 11 images, which represent my week in Japan. Eleven is an unusual number, but there you go.

What is it? (descriptions from left to right)

Image 1 - Tokyo skyline with the Tokyo Tower
Image 2 - The oldest shopping arcade in Tokyo
Image 3 - The Imperial Palace
Image 4 - The shopping arcade again, very busy
Image 5 - Tokyo (Shibuya district at night)
Image 6 - Shibuya again, it is where all the cool people go
Image 7 - Electric City in Akihabara
Image 8 - Electric City again
Image 9 - Mount Fuji covered in Fog
Image 10 - The largest free-standing woodern building where..
Image 11 - ..the budda rests

The video footage is available here. See all the fun and weird things that I got up to in Japan.