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In 1999 the site went back to some of my original designs, by that I mean it returned to being character led. Even on the previous 1998 layout you can see 'Bazooka Bunny' just beneath the tripod logo. This was an animation where he shot down the 'Sasse' logo. The 1999 site had a huge background graphic, which the viewer would see more of depending on what resolution they were running. In the days now of broadband then this would not be a problem, but in the days of 56k modem it was. The logo section in the portfolio section contains the said graphic.

The 1999 site changed colour and the bunny girl re-appeared.

This design was probably one of longest layouts I had on the site, it remained for around 2 years. Obviously logos and colours were changed and backgrounds added sometimes just to see what worked best. The menu system had been reduced to cover the site core areas. Frames were still apparent, however as the site had grown my directory structure had not, so all the content was in the top level directory which was just messy.