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So in 2002 after a few alterations to the above layout I began working on a new design. Progress was slow, real slow, and it wasn't until the end of the year that I actually had something which I liked. I had also taken inspiration from my earlier designs, by having each section having its own design. That was the cause for the slow progress.

The main core of the site [the personal part] had to look professional, whilst the other sections could be more routine. I had also decided to reduce the amount of 'gimmicky' html and dhtml I used and relied more on graphics and presentation. The site has now finally found its rightful design, which at the time of writing I am very happy with.

The only 'gimmicky' bit of the site was the menu which is a floating menu that moves out displaying the sites content. It took me a while to get it working on all different browser setups. The left had image changes every-so-often, the above image is taken from the main sasse logo. This site design returned in 2013 after again issues with hosting companies taking each other other, and causing me no end of problems!