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Amon is a young warrior, wandering the land in search of the city of Valhiss--a traveling fortress atop the back of a mountainous turtle. Within that city is the evil Emperor Valhiss, seeking to conquer the world. But he has a special captive--the beautiful princess Lichia.

Amon is not the only one seeking someone inside Valhiss, but what will he and the ragtag group of mercenaries find when they make it into the city, and what will become of all of them in the wake of the Emperor's evil ambitions?

Special Features

  • Chapter selection
  • Standard Manga Video Previews

DVD Technical Information:

  • Digitally remastered
  • English language version
  • Region Code: 2
  • Running time: 80 mins

Amon Saga is over 15 years old, and so you can expect this anime to be real old school, in animation and colouring. Amon Saga is at best a fantasy story, complete with golden temples, captured princesses and the hero who has no vices.

Amon Saga did seem to short for the number of important battles that happened at the end of the movie. Maybe if it had actually been a saga these battles could have been built on and expanded, but as it stands the movie does seemed compressed.

There wasn't much character development, but the supporting cast were very entertaining. Amon was the classic loner with a dark past, and he filled that role well without taking it too far. On occassions he did display emotion, which showed us that he is not immune to life itself. Amon also was not the strongest character, and in the final key battle he gets help to kill Valhiss. Amon gets caught up with a few more stereotypes, such as the big strong, but kind hearted guy, and a wise cracking spy from the Village.

Amon Saga is a good movie, but is instantly forgettable. The good news is it has been re-released on the Manga Collection label, and can be picked up for £5 at some places. Amon Saga deserves you viewing but sadly can not stand up to some of the similar action pieces of today -- and only you will know if that is a positive or negative reason for Amon Saga.