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DVD Technical Information:

  • Digitally remastered
  • English language version
  • Region Code: 2
  • Running time: 90 mins

Blackjack is a renegade surgeon, an unlicensed genius who works for the rich, commanding multimillion-dollar fees for his unparalleled services. However he always seems to come through for the poor, disadvantaged and innocent in the end. But whether working for cash or veiled compassion, he rarely fails. So when a 14-year-old patient of his dies of an apparent relapse of a heart condition Blackjack had treated, the black-market doctor is badly shaken.

The autopsy only deepens his confusion. The teenager's internal organs show signs of advanced decay, typical of an elderly woman's--decay that wasn't there when BlackJack operated. As he concentrates on the case, he ignores a series of increasingly insistent recruiting calls from an anonymous woman with an unstated problem and a blank cheque. But when the woman kidnaps his young assistant, he's forced to deal with her.

For the past two years, so-called "supermen" have been appearing all over the globe--ordinary individuals who suddenly developed extraordinary, world-class physical or mental talents. Now they are all die-ing with similar symptons that Blackjack's young patient had. Eventually Blackjack comes face to face with the lady who has been calling him, and reluctantly agrees to help her.

He finds himself working with the best reseachers and medical minds money can buy, looking for a cure to the syndrome. But it quickly becomes obvious that he really needs to be looking for the cause of the superman phenomenon, while he still has a chance.

Special Features

  • Chapter selection
  • Standard Manga Video Previews

Blackjack is a fairly original idea, as it deals with the situation of force evolution with frightening consequences. Blackjack himself is a interesting character, as he seems really withdrawn from anything deemed exciting.

Blackjack does introduce some good plot twists, some really obvious and some that really work! When Blackjack goes to work, the anime seems to increase its maturity with the scenes resembling their real life counterparts well.

Blackjack is a slow movie anime, but it works. Blackjack never reaches the dizzy heights of greatness, instead it just stands at the back and waves a bit. All in all Blackjack is a decent anime that is also available at a budget price.