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Goku refusing to return to the world of the living embarks on a journey back to the beginning of snake way, where he intends to visit the other places in the otherworld. King Kai tells him about the Grand Kai who is a masterful fighter and holds a regular tournament. Goku is interested and intends to fight the Grand Kai, King Kai explains that Goku needs to have respect for the Grand Kai as he is the ruler of all the different Kai's. The universe is split into four areas each looked over by a different Kai, and the Grand Kai watches over them. No one has ever seen the Grand Kai fight, but it has been said that is power is unmatched. Goku leaves for the Grand Kai's planet with King Kai as guide.

When he arrives he is surprised to find people who have been training for 2000 years, these were the heroes before Goku. Just then West Kai turns up with his chosen fighter, West Kai begins to mock King Kai, and Goku notices some kind of rivalry between the two. Both Kai's want to prove that there warrior is the best, and King Kai orders Goku to fight Pikkon, Goku pauses, and with good reason as the Grand Kai appears. The Grand Kai dances around and speaks to a musical beat, he explains that there is some trouble down in HFIL [Home for infinite losers] Pikkon is asked to go down and sort it out as some guys called Cell and Frieza are causing trouble. Goku joins Pecon to help, Pikkon says he requires no help. Goku replies unless he is something special he will.Goku and Pikkon arrive and they come face to face with the Ginyu, Freiza, King Cold, and Cell. Frieza is worried that Goku has arrived, but Cell explains that he should not worry as he defeated Goku before. The Ginyu attack Goku, and Goku takes them down with no hassle. Cell flys towards Goku when Pikkon appears and takes Cell out with one punch, he then takes out Cell and King Cold with one hit each. Goku looks on amazed, and tells Pecon that he obviously did not need any help, Pikkon thanks him anyway.

The four Kai's realise that they have not been together like this for over 300 years so West Kai suggests a tournament to see who has the strongest fighters. Grand Kai agree's and offers a free training session to the winner. Goku can not believe it, all he has to do is win the tournament and he can train with the Grand Kai, East Kai thinks that Goku is not good enough to fight, unless he is faster than she is on her bike. Goku agrees and the both decide to race to the archway ahead of them. The race begins and Goku quickly catches up with East Kai who quickly puts her bike into hyperdrive, and Goku again has to play catch up. The archway approaches and they both seem to cross the line at the same time. However Grand Kai is there before them, Goku is amazed Grand Kai is so fast. Grand Kai says that he got here first so he wins. Goku and East Kai are surprised, and Goku is able to enter the tournament because he was not beaten.

The tournament consists of three rounds. Goku's first match is against Caterpie who is from the south quadrant. Goku moves fast and attacks but is caught in Caterpie's extending arms. Goku is them held and tiggled, Caterpie taunts him saying that the only way out is to give up. Goku refuses and increases his power throwing Caterpie off in the process. Caterpie is angry and goes into its pupa state to begin the transformation to its ultimate form...however this will take 900 years, and so Goku wins by default. The other strong contenders like Orobole and Pikkon also make there way into the next round. Goku watches Pecon fight and discovers that if he is to fight him, he must fight in the final round. Goku's next match is against Aqua, Goku attacks and sends Aqua flying. Aqua uses his special skill and turns the fighting ring into water, making water flow into Goku's lungs. The water is constantly turning which catches Goku unawares. Aqua then launches into more attacks weakening Goku. Finally Goku gets his bearings back and flys out the water and throws a kama-ha-ma-ha blasting the water and Aqua out of the ring.

Next up is Pikkon vs Orobole. King Kai advises Goku to watch the fight, but Goku says he would rather eat as he knows who will win the fight. West Kai is annoyed, he thinks Goku is mocking him. Sure enough the battle is intense, Pikkon and Orobole seem equal, until Pikkon launches into a kick which sends Orobole out of the ring. The final round is between Pikkon and Goku. They begin the battle by some strong talk then Goku attacks landing every single blow on Pikkon.

Goku stops and say's that Pecon could have blocked all of those attacks, so why didn't he. Pecon smiles, Goku realises that Pikkon knew that his attacks would do nothing. They continue the battle up high and in the ring, lots of punches are thrown and Goku and Pikkon end up hands locked in a battle of strength. Goku pushes Pikkon back, to the edge of the ring. Pikkon smiles and begins to push Goku back, but stops he can not push any further. Pikkon asks Goku whether this is his hidden power, before Goku can answer Pikkon goes to kick him, but Goku somersaults away. Pikkon removes his hat and cloak, which like Piccolo's is weighted. Goku mentions the similarity and Pikkon appears to recognise the name. Goku picks up Pikkon's clothes and throws them out the ring, and says that he didn't think he would have to go this far to beat Pikkon. Goku then goes super saiyan.

Pikkon and Goku continue the fight with both of them being of even strength. Goku uses the kao-ken technique when powered at super saiyan to move so fast that Pikkon can not sense him. Pikkon soon catches on to this and the fight continues way up high, Pikkon and Goku collide with punches, kicks and special techniques, however one collision is too strong and both of them are sent tumbling backwards, fortunately the ceiling of the arena is in reach so they both launch themselves off of that and continue the fight on the way down. Pikkon decides to end the match and launches his ultimate technique, a giant flame beam at Goku.

Goku blocks but the beam is too strong, and Pikkon uses it again and again to wear Goku down. Goku stands up and continues the battle, but Pikkon now has the edge, Goku is tired. Eventually Pikkon returns to his flame technique, saying that he will finish Goku off with this technique as Goku seems to like it. Once again Goku is knocked down, unable to block, however he believes that there must be a weakness.

Pikkon prepares the final blast, and Goku notices the weak point, he teleports and throughs a kama-ha-ma-ha wave at Pikkon who is unable to block as he had committed himself to his flame technique. Pikkon is blasted out of the ring and Goku wins. Goku walks towards the Grand Kai, whilst King Kai celebrates, he has a new planet! However things are not good. Goku and Pikkon both touched the ceiling, and as the arena is inside a large sphere, the ceiling is also the floor, so the both effectively stepped outside the ring at the same time. The Grand Kai decides that they are both disqualified, he will however give them both a personal lesson in 200 years. 200 years should be enough time for the Grand Kai to get back into shape. Goku celebrates, only 200 years to go!