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Everything is well on Earth, Garlic Jnr was destroyed but still Goku has not returned. Deep in space Frieza is heading for Earth with his father, King Cold. Frieza is still being haunted by visions of Goku and wants to destroy him once and for all. After the previous battle the remains of Frieza's body was rescued by his scientists and under the watchful eye of his father was rebuilt using new technology. Frieza is now part robot and his strength has tripled. Meanwhile the Z-warriors sense Frieza and are amazed to learn of a power even greater than Frieza is with him. The Z-warriors have no choice but to get ready to fight, but just where is Goku. So not to get sensed the Z-warriors walk towards where they saw Frieza's ship land, as they get closer the full extent of Frieza and King Cold can be felt. Freiza has learnt to be more cautious since battling Goku and gives the order for all life on Earth to be killed. As his army sets out they are all mysteriously killed.

Frieza is surprised, he looks up and there is a young man with purple hair. He tells Frieza that he should leave or Frieza will be the next to die. Frieza laughs and with that the mysterious youth turns super saiyan. Frieza is terrified he is still getting those haunting images of Goku, the youth turns to Frieza and tells him that he has not faced a REAL super saiyan yet. With that he attacks slicing Frieza to tiny pieces with a couple of well timed sword swipes. King Cold looks on and refuses to believe that Frieza could be beaten by a "monkey". King Cold believes that the youths power lies within his sword and so requests to use the sword. The youth agrees and King Cold attacks. The youth catches the blade and sends King Cold to teh next dimension dispite his many plea's. The Mysterious Youth fly's down to the other Z-warriors and tell's them to follow him to where Goku will land. Vegeta is mad, this guy can not be a saiyan as he and Goku are the only true saiyan's left, worst still this unknown saiyan has surpassed Vegeta - The saiyan Prince. True to his word Goku arrives where they are all waiting. The Mysterious youth asks to talk to Goku in private and the two of them fly off to a nearby cliff. The youth introduces himself as Trunks, the son of Vegeta. Trunks explains that the future he has come from is being destroyed by the Androids, and there is nothing that he can do about it. In Trunk's future Goku dies before the Androids appear. Goku is frustrated that he would never get the chance to fight them. This is the answer that Trunk's wanted. He takes out the antidote and tells Goku to take it when he falls ill.

Suddenly Trunks turns super saiyan and attacks Goku using the same technique he used on Frieza, the sword stops just before it makes contact with Goku. Trunks asks why Goku did not move, Goku replies that he knew that Trunks would not land the blow. Trunks smiles and requests Goku to turn super saiyan and spar a while. Goku turns super saiyan and him and Trunks stand there looking at each other. Vegeta looks on getting angrier, they are mocking him. Trunks attacks Goku with his sword and each blow Goku blocks with his finger. Trunks is confident that Goku is the one able to defeat the androids.

Trunks tells him the date when the Andoids will appear. Before he leaves Goku asks Trunks whether he knows his mother, Trunks points over to the z-warriors, his mother is Bulma. Bulma and Vegeta?! Goku is surprised and explains that they were not together that long. As Trunks departs he tells Goku not to mention any of this conversation as it may have a negative effect on the future, Goku agree's it will not be a problem as he doesn't talk much.

Goku fly's back to the z-warriors and explains the situation missing out the parts about Trunks parents and all the z-warriors dieing. However Piccolo has advanced hearing and heard the whole conversation and relays the shock that all the z-warriors will die, he believes that they must have a chance of fighting this prediction. The z-warriors all have 3 years until the androids appear. As they don't know where they are being made they can not destroy them until they emerge. All the fighters go their separate ways to train.

3 years past, and all the z-warriors minus Vegeta turn up at the meeting point which just happens to be home to a large city. Bulma arrives with a baby who Goku calls Trunks. Bulma is amazed and wonders how Goku knew the baby's name, Goku said that it told him! The andoids do not have a ki so they can not be sensed, the z-warriors have to find them by looking for them. Yamcha comes across a street trashed, two people approach him, he tells them to leave as the androids may be around here. However they are the androids and proceed to fight Yamcha. Yamcha is hoisted up by is neck whilst his power is absorb through the androids reb orbs on their hands, when all his power had been taken they punch him through the stomach leaving a massive hole. The other z-warriors sense Yamcha's sudden powerloss and head to where the androids are, they fight a bit, but realise that they are causing too many casualties. The androids escape and Yamcha is taken back to the meeting point and given senzu beans to recover.

Goku and the other z-warriors follow the androids out of the town. Goku has turned super-saiyan and when he catches up with the androids he is out of breath. Piccolo is concerned, as Goku should have not used that much energy. The batlle begins with android 19 and Goku. Goku is demolishing android 19, each hit causing more damage then the last, but as the fight continues Goku gets weaker and weaker. Fianlly Goku is so weak that android 19 is able to absorb his power, however help comes from a flying kick from late arrival Vegeta. Vegeta explains that only him will be the one to kill Goku, but best of all he has advanced his abilities, with that Vegeta turns super saiyan. Vegeta explains that it was ironic that his anger and not being able to achieve super-saiyan was what caused him to become a super-saiyan.

Vegeta and android 19 fight, and it is easy to see the Vegeta has the advantage. He lets android 19 grab hold of him and begin to absorb his power. Android 19 laughs saying that now Vegeta will never be able to escape, Vegeta quotes 'never' and proceeds to break the androids grip leaving it armless. Android 20 heads off into the mountains. Vegeta demands a senzu bean, the others are sceptical, but his power is immense and he is given a senzu bean. Vegeta heads off towards the mountains with the z-warriors following, meanwhile android 20 is amazed that anyone as strong as Vegeta could exist. #20 decides to pick off the z-warriors one by one then take on Vegeta. First he attacks Piccolo, however Piccolo senses the attack and is able to reverse the absorbtion process by destroying #20 power. However #20 does not sense this and believes that now he will be able to beat Piccolo, however he is wrong Piccolo beats him up and again #20 hides in the rocks heading back to his laboratory. As #20 fell to the ground Bulma recognises him as Dr. Gero, the creator of the androids is now an android himself.

Once Gero returns to the lab and attempts to persuade #17 and #18 to fight the z-warriors. The androids disagree, and dislike Dr. Gero from turning them off last time they were activated. The two androids decide to activate #16 despite many warnings from Dr. Gero. #17 and #18 kill their creator without a thought. Vegeta states that that's not unusual, and that it is perfectly normal to kill anyone you don't like. Trunks shoots a blast into the cave which the lab is in, but it has no effect. #16 is activated. They ask him if he was made to kill Goku, and he replies 'yes'. #18 says it makes her sick to think of Dr. Gero's goals for them.The androids fly away, and the z-warriors realise they are heading towards Goku's house. Vegeta is mad that the androids paid him no notice, and insists on following them despite numerous warnings from Trunks.

Meanwhile the androids decide to touch down for a while. In a debate about taking a car, #17 asks #16 if he was made from a man like they were. #16 calmly states that he was made from nothing. The androids puzzle over this for a little while, then Vegeta confronts them. #18 tells #16 to fight Vegeta, but he refuses. #18 and Vegeta begin to duel, and #17 is surprised that the super-saiyan is much stronger than Dr. Gero told them he was. Trunks tells Vegeta to run, and the androids say they won't fight people who run away because they have no interest in them. Vegeta asks Trunks if he could use another slap. #17 complements Vegeta's fighting skills, and Vegeta insults him in return. Piccolo notices that the android has infinite stamina, and Vegeta is getting weaker by the minute. #18 begins to land some critical hits on the now weakened Vegeta. Trunks cannot stand to see his father in such pain, and intervenes with his sword. However, #18 is so strong that Trunks' sword shatters on impact.

Piccolo and Tien engage #17, but are beat back easily. Krillin considers helping, but realises he's no match for the androids. #17 and #18 make quick work of the z-warriors, but do not kill them off. They tell Krillin to give his fallen comrades senzu beans, because their only true purpose is to kill Goku. #18 kisses Krillin on the cheek, and departs.When Piccolo was revived along with the rest, he became extremely frustrated at himself. Without a reason, he flies off. Krillin notes the direction that Piccolo left in, and speculates that he has gone to recombine with Kami. Since both have an unimaginable hatred for the other, Krillin realises that the situation must be grave.

Back at Goku's house, he is stilll in incredible pain from the heart virus, the medicine does not seem to be helping. When Piccolo reaches the Kami tower, he explains to Kami that the world did not need a God, but a super warrior. However, Kami wants to have a longer look at the situation before he does anything rash, and tells Piccolo to wait. Androids #16, #17, and #18 decided to take their time on their way to find Goku, and have some fun on their way. Both a motorcycle gang and the police chase after them, but are easily dispatched. Krillin and Trunks inform Chi-Chi of the situation, and that they have to move Goku to a safer place. Goku is moved to Kame-sennin's house.

Meanwhile Gohan, Krillin, and Trunks discuss how they could possibly use the time machine to defeat the cyborgs. Trunks told them that going into the past again to destroy the androids before they were activated would create another timeline, and would not destroy the androids looking for Goku in their future. When asked why he came back if he knew that anything he did would have no affect on the androids in his future, Trunks explained that he wanted to see if the androids had any weaknesses when Goku fought them, and if worst came to worst, he could take Goku back to his time and have him help destroy the menace.

In mid-flight the plane receives a call from Bulma saying that another time machine had been found. She faxes over a picture, and Trunks recognises it as his time machine. He decides that he has to get a closer look, so Gohan, Trunks, and Bulma all head to the reported location. When they reach the machine, they find it covered in moss, and inside there are broken bits of a shell. Trunks has a look at the computer within the machine, and finds that it had departed three years after Trunks' future, and arrived four years in the current timeline. Close to the machine they find an egg capsule that something hatched from very recently.

Trunks becomes very worried about the situation, but with nothing else to find, they leave the scene.Meanwhile, Kami begins to fear what was happening down on Earth. Whatever had come out of the egg was now absorbing people left and right. An entire city's population had been decimated by this monster. Kami could not take it anymore, and agreed to merge with Piccolo. He explains to Mr. Popo that it was better to have a warrior in this situation than a Kami, and gives his life to Piccolo. Now possessing a superior intellect and a strong body, Piccolo flies down to find the monster.