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Following Yamu and Spopovitch, the Z fightersi finally find Babidi's spaceship. Upon arrival, Shin is shocked to find that Babidi is in the company of Dabura, the King of Demon world. Shin says that where the Z fighters are the stronges here, Dabura is definitely the strongest in his Realm of Darkness. Meanwhile, as the Z fighters stand and gawk from a nearby mountain, Yamu and Spopovitch hand over the energy they stole from Gohan and are promptly killed off by Babidi and his henchman, Puipui.

Dabura starts off by killing Shin's associate and turns Krillin and Piccolo to stone. On Babidi's orders, Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, and Shin are left alone. The Saiyans will provide the energy and Shin will live to see the arrival of Buu again.. After the initial shock of their three-fold loss wears off, the remaining Z fighters head into the space ship, where they're soon confronted by Puipui, who steps up to battle Vegeta.

Babidi's space ship is set out in layers. Each layer houses a fighter, who possess great strength...

Vegeta and Puipui face off, and Puipui is completely outclassed, even after Babidi uses his magic to take them to the planet where Puipui was born [the planet has 10 times Earths Gravity] Vegeta laughs and continues the fight. After a pretty brief fight, Puipui is killed by Vegeta, and they progress to the next stage in the ship. Babidi, reeling from defeat, sends out a giant beast named Yakon to fight Goku in stage 2...

Goku fights the monster Yakon in stage 2. To speed up Majin Buu's resurrection, Babidi moves them to the Planet of Darkness, Yakon's homeworld. Believing that the Z fighters can't fight because they can't see, Yakon commences his attack and is easily beaten up by Goku. He wonders aloud if Goku can see him, and Goku explains that he doesn't need to see to fight, but also states that if he wanted to, he could create his own light, and turns Super Saiyan as a demonstration. Yakon sucks up the light and eats it, and Goku is thrown back out of Super Saiyan, but gets an idea. He turns Super Saiyan again, and as Yakon is sucking up the light, Goku quickly raises his ki. Yakon takes too much light at once and as a result, explodes. The Z fighters proceed to Stage 3, and the King of Darkness himself, Dabura heads up to meet them.

As the Z fighters wait impatiently, Dabura retreats into a meditation room to raise his ki before taking on Gohan. Meanwhile, at the World martial arts tournamenti, Hercule finally solves the problem of what to do with only five fighters by coming up with the idea of a battle royale. Those remaining will fight it out in a free-for-all. In the first seconds of the battle royale, 18 and Mighty Mask knock out Jewel and Killa respectively, leaving only themselves and Hercule. As Hercule comes up with his plans, Mighty Mask attacks 18, and the real battle begins.

The battle between Mighty Mask and 18 continues. 18 originally has the upperhand, but as Goten and Trunks become more accustomed to fighting as they are, Mighty Mask becomes a much more formidable opponent. Finally, Goten and Trunks decide they can't win and turn Super Saiyan. With that, 18 realises who she's really fighting and throws an attack somewhat like Kienzan. Trunks and Goten go separate ways and their costume is cut in half, revealing them to the entire crowdi. They are disqualified, and 18 prepares to fight Hercule.

Meanwhile, at Babidi's spaceship, Dabura finally comes out of his meditation room. The World martial arts tournamenti ends with 18 blackmailing Hercule for double the first place prize. In exchange, she'll let him win. Near the stadium, Videl meets up with Goten and Trunks and fills them in on what's happened. Meanwhile, on a planet called Hande, the battle between Gohan and Dabura begins.

Gohan and Dabura fight and seem about evenly matched, for the most part. Vegeta begins to get angry and Goku notes that Gohan has really been screwing around in regard to his training for the past seven years. Finally, Dabura notices Vegeta's anger and realises he could be charmed by Babidi. He stops the battle and tells Babidi his plan...Vegeta allows himself to be charmed in order to fight Goku.

After a long transformation, Majin Vegeta is born with a huge power up (including the ability to reach the next level of Super Saiyan). Babidi decides to make it interesting and transports everyone to the now-concluded ring in the middle of the post-tournament festivities. Vegeta opens by destroying an entire section of the stadium and killing countless spectators in the process. Everyone is stunned, but no one moreso than Bulma. Vegeta further enrages Goku by destroying another section of stadium. Finally, Goku turns Super Saiyan and decides to fight Vegeta, but Shin intervenes. He tells Goku that if he wants to fight Vegeta, he'll have to kill him first. Goku calls his bluff and forms a ki blast that he aims at Shin's face, and finally, Shin caves. Babidi moves everyone to an empty desert area, and as Goku and Vegeta prepare to fight, Shin and Gohan drop into the ship to fight Babidi and Dabura in hopes of preventing Majin Buu's resurrection.

As Shin and Gohan descend into the depths of Babidi's spaceship, the battle between Goku and Majin Vegeta begins. For the most part, the two seem about equal, though at times, Vegeta appears to have the upper hand. Shin and Gohan stumble on Majin Buu's sphere and are met by Dabura and Babidi, who greet them. As Goku and Vegeta fight it out on the surface, the second battle is about to begin.