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Buu is destroying planets all over the place trying to find Vegeta and Goku's Ki. No where is safe, not even the afterlife. Vegeta and Goku power up to get Buu's attention and decide between themselves who should fight Buu. Goku goes first and Vegeta is amazed by just how strong Goku is, Vegeta realises that Goku has the best chance to kill Buu.

As Goku tires Vegeta steps in and takes on Buu. Vegeta is no match for Buu and gets beaten badly. The fight continues, with everyone in the afterlife watching the match. Just when it looks like Buu has won, Hercule launches an attack which stuns Buu. Buu can not bring himself to hit Hercule, due to the relationship they had previously. Buu gets mad and spits out Innocent Buu who then decides to fight Buu.

Meanwhile Vegeta has an idea, he calls on the dragonballs on Namek to restore the Earth and everyone on it. This is done, he then tells Goku that if everyone on the Earth gives their energy to Goku he can destroy Buu with a large spirit bomb. Goku adopts the position and Vegeta speaks through King Kai, however Vegeta is not a diplomat and the people of the Earth don't trust him. Goku tries, but still they won't listen. Finally Hercules speaks to the Earth and the energy begins to manifest itself above Goku.

Vegeta attacks Buu again, hoping to delay him so Goku can power up the spirit bomb, but Goku is losing power. Goku falls out of Super Saiyan 3 and Vegeta asks for the final wish to restore Goku's power so he can use the Spirit Bomb. His power is restored and Buu is destroyed. Goku looks on and remarks that he wish he could fight Buu again just for fun. Goku saves the universe and peace is restored.

Ten Years pass.

Gohan marries Videl and they now have a young girl called Pan who is already very strong.

Goten and Trunks still train, but with no real threat they have been slacking off.

Vegeta and Bulma have a daughter called Bra.

Over the last few years Goku has been sensing a really strong Ki, and he has had word that this fighter will be competing in the tournament. Vegeta and Trunks along with Goten, Pan, and Goku enter to fight this strong warrior.

At the fighter selection pick Goku asks Innocent Buu to fix the selection so he gets to fight Ubuu, who just so happens to be the reincarnation of Evil Buu.

The tournament gets under way with Pan winning her first match with ease, Goku then goes to fight Ubuu. Although Ubuu is strong he does not know the full extents of his power, and Goku offers to train him, much to the annoyance of Chi-Chi. Goku flys away with Ubuu to start training