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Vegeta and Krillin return to the fighting ground only to find a disappointed Trunks, he explains the situation. Krillin agree's to take back Android 16 to Bulma who will be able to fix him. Meanwhile Cell is searching the area for a suitable area to place his fighting ring. He finds a suitable location and carves the ring out of a nearby mountain, next he heads off towards the city and announces the tournament on national television. Goku and Gohan emerge from the hyper-bolic-time-chamber 3 hours early because Goku could sense Vegeta's and Trunk's power levels. However Goku and Gohan are in their super saiyan form, but acting normally. Trunks brings Goku up to date and Piccolo enters the hyper-bolic-time-chamber next much to the annoyance of Vegeta.

Goku teleports down to Cell's location and the both size each other up. Goku tell's Cell not to kill anymore people before the tournament begins. Goku returns to Kami's platform and announces that he would probably get pounded by Cell if he battled him now. The others are surprised and assume that Goku has some kind of plan, as he is very happy. Goku and Gohan leave and head down to Karrin's level on the tower. Goku powers up to half his power, and Karrin tells him that even at half power he believes that Cell is stronger. With that Goku tells Gohan that they will rest for 3 days, train for 3, then rest for 3 before the tournament begins.

Goku and Gohan relax by going fishing, and on his way to the shops Gohan happens across a plan to house all the humans of one town in a big domb to protect themselves from Cell. A small girl calls out that Cell is here, and she and Gohan are captured. A small fight begins, before General Tao appears. He looks at Gohan and begins getting nervous, he asks whether his name is Goku. Gohan say's no, which relieves Tao, however Gohan say's that Goku is his father. Scared General Tao escapes. Piccolo emerges from the hyper-bolic-time-chamber, and Vegeta goes inside with the plan of surpassing Goku. Gohan celebrates his birthday. Gohan, Goku, Chi-Chi and Krillin are having a picnic when a group of fighter jets fly over head, Goku wonders where they are heading. On their way they turn on the radio and they are informed that the military intend to launch an attack on Cell. Goku can not believe it, he hopes that Cell will not destroy them. Meanwhile Tanks, Jets, Infantry and more have surrounded Cell, they all open fire. When the smoke clears Cell is unharmed, he lands and with blows up the tank in front of him, which begins a chain reaction destroying all the vehicles and personel.

Goku is upset and teleports to Kami's platform, where he askes whether Piccolo can un-merged with Kami so that the dragonballs can come back. Piccolo say's he cannot, so Goku tries to sense the planet which the Nameks now inhabit. Unfortunately he can not sense it. Goku teleports to King Kai's who points him in the right direction, Goku then teleports to New Namek. The Elder explains that a young namek called Dende knew Gohan and Krillin in the battle for Namek and he would love to go to Earth. Even though Dende is young he is extremely gifted. Goku agree's and they head back to Earth.

Dende uses his ability to restore the dragonballs, and Goku goes out to fnd them. As Goku searches for the dragonballs, the Cell games has attracted the attention of the world martial arts champion - Mr. Hercule, he does lots of tv spots much to the annoyance of the Z-fighters. Goku notices that two of the dragonballs are together and heads off in that direction. General Tao has been collecting the dragon balls too, for his boss. Goku enters the dome and walks through all the defenses before coming face to face with General Tao. Tao explains that he will give Goku the dragon balls if he can solve three metal puzzles. Goku agrees, and the clever Tao takes Goku coat, with the dragonballs in and head off in the car celebrating. However Goku solves the puzzle and can not find Tao anywhere so he teleports to their location and collects the dragonballs. The final dragonball is found and Goku heads back to Kami's platform and tells them to make a wish that everyone killed by Cell be brought back to life. However this later turns out impossible.

The Z-fighters arrive at the ring one by one. When all are assemble Hercule intends to go first, when overhead the diciples of Hercule arrive and take on Cell first. Cell defeats them by doing virtually nothing at all. Finally Hercule steps into the ring, and lands many punches on Cell. None of the hits are felt by Cell, and finally Cell slaps Hercule away into a mountain.

Now the real battle begins, Goku enters the ring. Goku and Cell begin their attacks each not letting the other land any damaging attacks. Suddenly Cell goes straight at Goku pushing him so hard that he is about to fall out the ring. Just as Cell lands another punch Goku disappears and reappears behind Cell, and the match continues. This time it is Goku who has Cell, he hits Cell and sends him flying out of the ring, however as Cell doesn't touch the ground the competition is still on. As Goku and Cell fight the announcer and Hercule come up with reasons on how they keep disappearing, apparently it is all done with mirrors.

Cell goes in for another attack, and Goku kicks him away then appears behind him landing a punch that hurts. Cell immediately does the same on Goku, it is then that Cell tells Goku to stop holding back. Goku replies he will, when Cell stops holding back. With the warmup complete they prepare themselves for the actual battle. Goku powers up to what seems to be his maximum, Cell follows suit and remarks that the battle should be good as they are about equal. The fight continues and again neither Cell or Goku is gaining ground. The battle continues and Cell splits into 4, and begins to attack Goku. Yamcha wonders whether Cell possesses the same strength in each Cell or whether it is split over all four. Android 16 remarks that Goku is stronger than all four.

The four Cell's take to each corner and launch Piccolo's special Beam cannon at Goku. Goku flys up before impact and the Cell's follow, Goku then stops and knocks each Cell down back into the ring. Cell lies motionless and Trunks announces that Goku has won. Vegeta is quick to point out that is what Cell wants Goku to think, Cell's energy has not decreased. Cell then launched some Kaizan discs like Frieza used against Goku, Goku begins leading the discs back to Cell, however Cell is aware of this and launches another at Goku. The discs catch up with Goku and go right through him, Goku was projecting his image. Goku lands behind Cell and tells him that using other peoples techniques will not work against him. With that Cell powers up and begins to pull off a kame-ha-ma-ha - Goku's technique. Goku tell's him to stop as that much power could destroy the planet. Cell launches the kame-ha-ma-ha and gets it to follow Goku, just as it is about to hit Goku uses his instant translocation and appears behind Cell.


With both Cell and Goku powered up the fight continues, as before they are equal. Android 16 states that there powers are increasing. Goku chases Cell up in to the air, where Cell stops and remarks how Goku almost fell out of the ring, that would be a shame as he would have lost. Cell powers up and fires a blast destroying the ring. Goku calls out for everyone to move away from the ring. Cell then announces that the desert will be their ring. Again the battle continues, with no-one gaining the advantage. Finally Goku stops, Cell is beneath him. Goku begins to power up is kame-ha-ma-ha. Cell thinks it is a trick, as with a blast like that Goku would destroy the planet. Goku continues to charge, whilst his friends get concerned. Goku uses his translocation technique and appears in front of Cell and unleashes the kame-ha-ma-ha. Cell can not escape and his head is blown clear off. Has Goku defeated Cell? Cell stands up and regenerates his torso. He tells Goku that the fight is his, as Goku put most of his energy into that one blast. Goku tells Cell that he still has enough energy left to defeat him, and he is aware that regenerating himself took a lot of Cell's energy.

The fight continues with both Cell and Goku trading hits, Goku gets sent flying back into a mountain and as Cell closes in, Goku launches a barrage of energy bolts. Cell blocks the first few, but the intensity is too much, Cell creates a big energy field around him and Goku stops firing. Cell says that the fight is his and Goku can not win. Goku stands looking up at Cell, and Cell tells him to have a sensu bean. Trunks begins to get one until Vegeta stops him, saying that Goku is a true saiyan and would rather die than win by cheating. Trunks disagree's and Vegeta continues saying that it is painfully clear that Goku is the only one capable of beating Cell, no one is as near as strong as Goku not even himself. Vegeta says that they should give Goku a chance, let him call the shots. Goku powers down, and tell's Cell that 'he has won', The rest of Z-fighters are amazed Goku has never given up, Cell is equally angry, but Goku remains motionless. Is this the end for planet Earth?

Goku announces to Cell that there is little point in continuing the battle as he is nowhere near as powerful as Cell is. Goku thanks Cell for teaching him a valuable lesson, and begins to walk away. Cell stops him saying that if Goku walks away now the Earth is his, Goku stops and tells Cell that there is another fighter far stronger than him ready to fight. Cell looks around around, Vegeta? Piccolo? Trunks? he asks. Goku replies' my son, Gohan'. The others are shocked, sure they know Gohan is strong but Cell would destroy him, Goku has gone mad. Goku flies up to Gohan and tells him that he can do it. Gohan replies that Goku could do it if he battled at full power. Goku explains that he was, and the only reason that Gohan thought otherwise was that he was comparing him with the power he has inside. Gohan agree's and heads down to face Cell. Goku asks for a senzu bean, which Krillin gives him. Goku then calls out to Cell and throws him the senzu bean, saying that it is only fair that Cell be beaten when he is at full power. The others are shocked Goku is now acting really crazy. Cell and Gohan power up and the fight begins. They manage to keep up with each other until Cell surprises Gohan and comes in with a barrage of punches then throws him to the ground. Goku looks on from the sidelines motionless, he seems to be very confident.

Cell is angry that Goku refuses to fight and he intends to finish Gohan quickly. Cell begins to fire everything he has at Gohan, and with one powerful punch he sends Gohan flying backwards through 500 metres of rock. The Z-fighters look on, they were right, Gohan could not match up to Cell. Piccolo yells at Goku telling him that he knew this would happen, Goku tells him that you can still sense Gohans energy and sure enough Gohan emerges from the rubble and walks up to Cell. Gohan begins to plea with Cell not to fight him, as if he is pushed a power awakens so strong that the can not control it. Gohan explains the incidents with Raditz, his training with Piccolo and up to his battle with Frieza. Cell is interested in this new power and begins to attack Gohan harder to try and get him to use this power. As Goku watches on he knows it is only a matter of time, as soon as Gohan is cornered the power will be unleashed. Gohan still doesn't want to fight and after dodging Frieza's finishing ray, Cell gets Gohan in an unescapeable hold. Piccolo tells Goku that they should do something, Goku says Piccolo can not help as he does not stand a chance against Cell. Goku explains to the others just what his plan his, Vegeta is surprised, how can Goku put so much faith in his son. Piccolo telsl Goku that although Gohan has a hidden power he is still an eleven year old boy, who is wondering why his father will not come and help him, Piccolo continues to say that Gohan does not have the fighting spirit that Goku has. Goku is surprised by this and realises the mistake his has made. Cell kicks Gohan to the ground and Gohan comes back at him, but Cell kicks him away again. Just the Android 16 lands behind Cell and gets him his powerful grasp. Cell was unable to detect 16 because he was an Android. Android 16 explains that he will self destruct, and the blast will kill Cell. Android 16 begins the sequence but nothing happens. Krillin calls out saying that Bulma removed it, as they thought it could be dangerous. 16 is surprised, Cell escapes the hold and blasts 16 into many pieces.

He turns to Gohan and say's that one he could have saved, with that Cell flys up to where the others watch. Piccolo launches an attack but Cell dodges it easily, he lands next to Krillin and takes the bag of senzu beans. Cell returns to Gohan and say's that he in intends to see this hidden power, and produces lots of mini cells, one for each of the z-warriors. They are sent off to fight and ultimately destroy the warriors, Cell hopes that this will be enough to make Gohan unleash his hidden power. Goku is still tired from his battle with Cell and can not defend himself, the others try and help, but only Vegeta and Trunks are able to hold their own. Vegeta is frustrated that these 'children' are giving him all this hassle, and decides to launch his 'final flare' technique, the same technique which scarred Cell days ago. The little Cell just goes right through it with no damage taken, things are looking bad.

Meanwhile Android 16's head is lying in front of Hercule, 16 asks him to take him to where Cell is fighting. Hercule initially disagree's, but Android 16 plays up to him telling him how he thought he was Earths strongest fighter, so he should be able to help. Hercule agrees and takes Androids 16 head and throws it where Cell and Gohan are. Android 16 tells Gohan how sometimes you have to fight, even though you don't want to. He tells him that he is fighting for life and that is a good cause. Cell, bored of 16's ramblings steps on his head. Images go through Gohan's head, if 16 an android realised that then surely he can. As Cell's 'children' continue to pound the z-warriors, Gohan begins to get angry, Cell notices and tells his 'children' to destroy the z-warriors now. The little Cell's turn the tables on the z-fighters and in turn each fighter is beaten, the little Cell's then begin to taunt Gohan by kicking the fighters when they are down. This Gohan can not take and his hidden power begins to flow through him, Gohan is now ready to fight. All the z-warriors and Cell look on amazed, just where did all that power come from? Cell orders his children to attack, but one by one they are taken down by Gohan..worst still they are taken down in one hit each. Vegeta looks on, how can this be possible. With Cell's children gone, Cell is Gohan's next target. The Cell games are back on.

Gohan and Cell fight again, but Cell is unable to land any punches on Gohan. As Cell gets angrier and angrier his fighting style becomes lazy, in a fit of anger he increases his power and hits Gohan in the face. Cell smiles, now he will get his revenge. However Gohan smiles, he simply rolled with the punch. Cell can not believe it and whilst he stands confused Gohan punches him twice, flooring Cell. Cell flys off into the air, and throws a kame-ha-ma-ha wave at Gohan.

The strength of the wave could destroy the plane, but still Gohan just stands there, waiting for it. At the last section he fires his own kame-ha-ma-ha wave. The two waves remain motionless for a while, until the full extent of Gohans wave takes control. The now massive kame-ha-ma-ha wave is sent back to Cell who does his best to deflect the blast, he is unsuccessful. Cell hovers in the air, his arms and legs are gone. Goku and the other z-warriors tell Gohan to finish Cell of now, but Gohan refuses. Goku tell's him that they know he has the power...but it is too late, Cell regenerates his missing limbs, and powers up to his ultimate form.

This Cell is huge, but although he possesses great strength all his bulky muscles are slowing him down. Gohan punches him so hard in the torso, that the absorbed android 18 is coughed up. Cell's body begins to transform, he goes back to his stage 2 transformation. The Cell games seem to be over, but Cell refuses to give up. He continues to battle Gohan, but he is fighting on borrowed time. Gohan forces him back to a crevice, where Cell loses his footing and falls in. However he manages to hang on to the side. Gohan walks up to him and gives him two choices, surrender or fall, Cell does not answer and is pushed down the crevice. As he falls he regains his composure and comes flying out at Gohan again. Gohan was waiting for him and sends him flying in the opposite direction. Cell refuses to admit that a saiyan boy could beat him, so he fills his body with power and grows to a massive size. As Gohan goes to attack, Cell says that he is about to self destruct, one little touch could set him up. Gohan is distraught, he should have finished Cell off when he had the chance, now in less than a minute the Earth will be destroyed. The Z-warriors look on, and wonder if this is the end, however Goku has an idea. He translocates to Cell's location, tells Gohan that he did well, bids him farewell then Goku touches Cell and they both vanish...only to re-appear on King Kai's planet where Cell explodes, destroying the whole planet in the process.

Back on Earth Gohan blames himself, Krillin does his best to console him, but everyone is disappointed in the outcome. On the otherside, King Kai is giving Goku a hard time, he hasn't taken well to being dead, Goku keeps apologising, then asks where Cell is. Cell is not with them, thus Cell has not died. Back on Earth dust clouds begin to circulate a red laser flys out and hits trunks, killing him. As the smoke clears, the killer is shown. Cell is back, and complete once again. Cell explains how he can not be killed, Dr Gero made sure that every Cell in his body stored information about Cell. So when he self destructed one Cell remained and had knowledge of Cell's complete form, and begin to regenerate himself. This combined with his near death experience has also made him stronger thanks to the saiyan cells in him.

Vegeta is mad, Trunks is seemingly dead. Vegeta blames Goku for this and powers up and takes on Cell himself. Vegeta pulls out all the stops but Cell takes him down with no hassle. Gohan looks on distraught, this is all his fault. As Cell begins to terminate Vegeta, Gohan rushes in and absorbs most of the blast. Now half beaten Gohan must face up against Cell...again.

Cell powers up and explains how he know understands Dr. Gero's original ramblings. Cell knows that he will live forever, he explains that even in the future where androids 17 and 18 destroyed his tank then went on the rampage he still survived. However when he emerged, he realise that something was wrong, he was not complete, his cells knew this. He went out to find the androids only to discover that they had been killed by Trunks, but thanks to Trunks time machine he was able to come back and realise his dream. Vegeta looks up and tells Gohan that he is sorry, Gohan is surprised. Vegeta apologising? is this the end. Cell begins his kame-ha-ma-ha wave motion, just then Goku contacts Gohan via King Kai, and explains that Gohan can still beat Cell, it is only his self doubt that is holding him back. Gohan says that he only has one arm useable, Goku says throw a kame-ha-ma-ha wave with that hand. With renewed confidence Gohan takes up the challenge again. Cell and Gohan unleash their attacks simultaneously, the others move out as they recognise the intensity of the power. The force of both powers begins to manifest into a large sphere, Cell keeps increasing his power and Gohan is forced to do the same. However Gohan is struggling to keep up, even with Goku's words Gohan looks like he is about to lose.

From the sidelines Piccolo can not just stand by and watch Gohan fight, he flys to Cell and unleashes his special beam attack. However it does nothing. Vegeta looks on, and is impressed by Piccolo. Yamcha and Tien begin to power up, and decide to copy Piccolo maybe with three of them they will be able to distract Cell long enough for Gohan to win. Reluctantly Krillin joins in too. All four of them attack Cell at the same time, but still Cell is not phased. Vegeta looks on wondering whether this will actually work, he then looks at himself. What is holding him back? It is not fear, so what is it? With that thought lingering he turns Super Saiyan and flys high above Cell and fires a large energy ball at Cell. Vegeta's attack was strong enough to get Cell's attention, and Gohan uses this as increases his power to its ultimate maximum. Cell can not stop the power increase and gets destroyed right down to his molecular core. Gohan has won. The team minus Vegeta head back to Dende who heals Gohan, and Android 18. 18 is surprised that Gohan won, and the others tell her that it is Krillin who she should thank as he was the one that stood by her. Just then Gohan realises the Krillin is in love with 18, and says this out loud. Krillin is shocked, and 18 takes off, telling Krillin that she was wrong about him.

With enough time wasted they summon the dragon, their first wish is to heal every one who has been hurt by Cell. They question the dragon as to why Goku was not brought back, the dragon replies that Goku has been brought back once before and so it can not be done again. Dende suggests that they ask the Namek dragon Porunga to wish Goku back. Just then Goku interrupts them saying that he has realised that the reason why the Earth is always in danger, is because people are always after him. He tells them that Gohan has surpassed him and it is right that he stay in the other world for a while with King Kai. With one more wish remaining Krillin asks the dragon to make Androids 17 and 18 human so they can live a normal life, however the dragon can not grant this wish as Android 17 is gone and it is beyond his power to change a machine into a human. Krillin then decides to wish for Android 18's explosives to be removed.

Unknown to them Android 18 has return to the platform and looks on from a distance, she comes to the conclusion that they may be good after all. Yamcha asks Krillin why he wished for Android 18's boyfriend to come back as well. Krillin said that they seemed happy together, that is all that he wants for her. With that Android 18 appears and tells them that 17 was her brother, Krillin hangs his head, and she continues to say that what he did was a 'good thing' with that she flys away. The team say their goodbyes and head off home. Piccolo decides to stay with Dende. Trunks will leave for the future in the morning to rid his time of the Androids. Yamcha tells Trunks how when he died Vegeta went and attacked Cell in such a way that they had never seen. Trunks smiles, he was right about his father all along. Meanwhile after claiming himself to be the savior of the world, Hercule is doing television spots demonstrating his killer 'chop' move which destroyed Cell.

The next morning Trunks leaves for his own time period. He recounts the story to his mother then decides it is time to go out and face the Androids. All his training pays dividends as the Androids can not lay a punch on him, and Trunks destroys them with no hassle. Trunks prepares his time machine to travel back in time to tell Goku and friends that he has defeated the Androids. This is how Cell travelled back in time before, so Trunks is expecting him. The battle begins and Cell stands no chance against the super saiyan, the future is free of all of Dr. Gero's androids.