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Seven years have passed since the Cell Games. The Earth has been safe for a long time, allowing Gohan to concentrate on his learning. Goten was born shortly after Goku's death, he was the son Goku never knew. Vegeta has moved back in with Bulma and is training Trunks to be even stronger than Gohan is.

Gohan begins his first day at College, but on the way he notices some thieves robbing the bank. He changes into a super saiyan and stops them easily. Unfortunately when he arrives for his first day people are already talking about this 'golden haired fighter'. Gohan is distraught, he has tried to hide his powers, but on his first day people are already talking about him. One girl in particular has a special interest, as she remembers golden haired fighters when she watched the tapes of the Cell Games. The girl is Videl - Hercules daughter!

Gohan decides not to show his power, but even when he doesn't try it is obvious that this is going to be tough. When the first day is over Gohan begins to walk home, and is tailed by Videl, she thinks he is acting suspicious. Gohan notices he is being followed and hides. Videl turns around the corner and Gohan has vanished, she gives up and heads home. Up on top of the building Gohan calls Nimbus and they fly off to Bulma's to see if she can help. Bulma creates Gohan a costume that is activated when he presses a button on his watch. This costume is the worst thing ever, but Gohan likes it.

Happy with his new identity Gohan begins the second day, this time they are all talking about the new hero. Gohan is happy, no one will think it is him. Halfway through class Videl gets a call, it is from the police, a tour bus has been hijacked, and they need her help. Videl leaves the class, and Gohan is concerned. Videl's friends tell him that she is even stronger than Hercule now! This doesn't leave Gohan with much comfort, and he heads out to help.

Gohan transforms in to saiyaman, and follows the tour bus. Meanwhile Videl has got to the tour bus and is inside dispensing her justice. With a flurry a kicks and punches she defeats the bad guys and poses for a photo opportunity, however the bus is still moving and heads off a cliff. Gohan flys down and picks up the bus, everyone is happy, and Gohan introduces himself as Saiyaman...but Videl is not impressed.

That night Gohan is practising his heroic lines ready for the next incident where Saiyaman will turn up. He is up late practising and over sleeps, Gohan is running late for school so he transforms in Saiyaman and lands on the roof of the school and transforms back out of his costume, unfortunately a girl called Angela is up on the roof as well. Gohan walks past and she says that she knows his secret. Gohan is distraught and heads to class. Angela arrives and Gohan finds it hard to concentrate as if people find out who he is, he will be back where he started from. However all this thinking is distracting Gohan from his work, and he is punished by having to stand outside the lecture theatre holding two buckets of water.

The teacher asks Angela to continue to read and she breaks into a flood of tears, and is excused from the class and meets up with Gohan. She asks Gohan to go on a date with her, if he refuses she will tell everyone his secret. Reluctantly he agree's. They meet outside the bus station and go see a movie, Gohan falls asleep and Angela takes it personally. After a few excuses Gohan is forgiven and they head for coffee. As the date is coming to an end Fire engines speed down the road, a building is on fire. Gohan makes his excuses and goes to the building. Meanwhile Videl has been helicoptered on to the roof and begins to try and release the valve so that water will flow and put the fire out. However the building is becoming unstable and a rogue explosion damages the floor causing the water tank to fall on to Videl. Luckily Saiyaman arrives and saves Videl, he then punches a hole in the tank and the water flows freely through the building putting the fire out.

Gohan transforms back and begins to make his way to where Angela is, however Videl catches up with him and begins asking him questions. Just then Angela appears and believes that Gohan sneeked off to be with Videl. Angela is mad and tell's Videl Gohan's secret. 'Gohan wears teddy bear underwear!' Gohan's face drops, it is true but what about the other day on the roof? Angela say's she didn't have her contact lenses in so she could not have seen his underwear then. Videl warns Gohan to keep his underwear on in the future. Gohan leaves. Next day Gohan transforms to Saiyaman and is on time for school, unfortunately Videl is also up early she chases Gohan through the town. Eventually Videl leaves her helicopter giving Gohan the chance to pick it up and place it on the top of a building, enabling him to escape.

During class Videl is called by the police, the mayor is being help captive by the Red Shark gang. Their leader want's to fight the great Hercule, however the great Hercule has other ideas, I mean he could get hurt. Videl goes to where the mayor is being held hostage. Meanwhile Gohan also tries to excuse himself, but the teachers have realised that when he does he doesn't return to class. As Videl begins the battle with the leader, Gohan begins to tap his foot, as he continues the building begins to shake and everyone hides under the desks, giving Gohan the chance to escape and transform into Saiyaman. He arrives and deals out justice to some flunkies, then watches Videl beat up the Red Shark gang leader with ease, Gohan realises that she never needed his help.

At home Goten and Gohan sit down to eat, and Goten say's that he has not seen his little dragon friend, just then he appears on the television as part of a circus attraction. Gohan decides to investigate the circus.

He comes to the opinion that the dinosaur is there against its will, so he decides to rescue him. Gohan changes into Saiyaman and bends the bars on the dinosaur's cage and they make their escape. All is going well until the dinosaur loses his cool and causes Gohan's helmet to slip. Feeling dizzy they continue to make their escape along the road, but it is not long until the Police catch up with them. Saiyaman eludes the Police but then Videl is called, and she is hungry for a battle against Saiyaman,. Saiyaman explains the situation to Videl but she does not believe him and they fight.

Gohan knows that he can beat her, but he doesn't want to embarras her in front of all these people, so he moves so fast that Videl can not hit him. As the fight continues the circus owner comes out and takes the dinosaur, it gives off several shreiks and seconds later its parents are on the scene. Videl is shocked to see huge flying dinosaurs, so she decides to follow Saiyaman's idea. Gohan knows that the dinosaurs would recognise him if he removed his helmet, but then Videl would know too. Gohan decides to talk to the dinosaurs hoping they recognise his voice. It is not going to well, and as the dinosaurs begin to attack Saiyaman shouts out 'Its me Go...' Videl latches on to this and asks Saiyaman what his name is. Saiyaman ignores her and continues to deal with the dinosaur situation.

Next day at school Videl confronts Gohan and tells him that he is Saiyaman, Gohan denies it, but Videl points out that she saw Saiyaman get scratched in the same place as Gohan has a scratch. Gohan comes clean, Videl then asks him whether he is the Gold haired fighter...Gohan denies this. Videl say's that she will not tell the world Gohan's secret if he agree's to fight in the next tournament. She say's that the last one was won by her father Hercule, and the one before that was Goku, Gohan's father. Reluctantly Gohan agree's. Gohan flys back home, on the way he stops of at Bulma's so he can get a new costume as protective head gear is not allowed in the tournament. As he is talking to Bulma Vegeta appears and Gohan tells him about the tournament, just then the voice of Goku is heard. Goku explains that he has some kind of credit and is allowed to return to the earth for one day, and he will use this day to fight in the tournament. Gohan is excited and Vegeta looks forward to the challenge. Gohan flys off with a new bandana set up, first stop is master roshi's house where he informs Krillin of the tournament.

Krillin is very excited but does not see the point of entering as Gohan and Goku are far stronger than he is. Gohan tells him that there are money prizes for the first 3 places. Krillin is still unsure but his daughter 'maron' wants him to take part, as does his wife who decides to enter too. His wife is of course Android 18. Krillin tells Gohan not to tell Piccolo as then he might stand a better chance. Gohan say's he can not and heads off to tell Piccolo the news. Piccolo decides to fight and is the only one who tells Gohan how stupid his costume is. Gohan leaves upset and heads back home. However on the way he wonders just how he is going to pursuade his mother to let him fight. Chi-Chi is happy that Goku is coming home, but does not want Gohan to fight. Gohan tells her about the prize money, and Chi-chi realises that the money would help Gohan through univeristy. Gohan tells Goten about Goku, and they go to sleep and decide to start training the next morning.

Next morning Gohan and Goten go out to a remote area and Gohan begins to train. Goten quickly gets bored and distracts Gohan constantly, eventually Gohan asks him whether Goten could help him in a training exercise. The exercise is for Goten simply to throw rocks at Gohan. Goten throws the first rock and Gohan really has to move fast to avoid it, the rock then continues through several more columns of stone. Gohan tells Goten to stand further back and the training continues. Goten remarks that Gohan is fast and asks whether it is ohkay if he could be like Gohan now. Gohan doesn't understands, and Goten say's can he be a super saiyan now? Gohan laughs, and say's he probably has a few more years to go, I mean Gohan was the youngest super saiyan ever.

On his last word Goten turns super saiyan. Gohan is amazed, he asks Goten how this is possible, Goten say's that whilst Gohan was studying Chi-Chi would teach him, and one day it just happened and Chi-Chi was not happy. Gohan decides he and Goten should spare, and Goten is excited. They parry each others hits and Gohan flys up into the air, and Goten stops. He can't fly. Gohan promises to help Goten to fly, but just then he spies Videl, he promised her lessons as well. Looks like Goten will have a partner. They both head back home.

Lesson's begin and Gohan begins to tell Goten and Videl about the energy they feel inside, Videl doesn't understand, and Gohan keeps trying to use different words, but to no luck. Goten raises his hand and sends an energy blast which destroys a rock.

Videl looks on, and believes it to be a trick, Gohan say's it can not be a trick because she saw it happen. Goten is told to leave them whilst Gohan shows Videl how to control the energy, after many attempts she manages too.

Goten returns and together they try and fly, Goten keeps jumping but Gohan says that he should convert all the inner energy down to his feet so he is pushed off the ground. Suddenly Goten is flying around Videl continues and she also manages to raise herself above the ground.

Gohan is amazed, and tells her all she needs is a little more private practice. Videl informs him that she will be back the next day as she wants to know everything Gohan knows.