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With Piccolo, Chau-Zu, Tien, and Yamcha dead, Bulma, Gohan and Krillin begin a journey to Namek to find the Dragonballs and wish their friends back. Goku is in hospital recovering from his battle with Vegeta. On their way they encounter some space pirates who believe them to be henchmen of Frieza. Between them they help the space pirates and they realise that Krillin and co pose them no threat. Next stop is planet Namek. Bulma, Gohan and Krillin crash land on Namek and are knock unconscious. When they come to, they are met by some Namek's who agree to help them find the dragonballs. Meanwhile Vegeta has returned to Frieza's base and enters the rejuvenation tank to gain back his health. He is annoyed to learn that Frieza is already on Namek looking for the dragonballs. Vegeta leaves for Namek. During this time Bulma, Gohan and Krillin discover that they are not on Namek, and instead they have been tricked by some shape shifting enemies. A short battle ensues and Bulma and the gang escape and head to the real planet Namek.

When they arrive they are shocked to discover that Frieza has collected 5 of the 7 dragonballs, worst still they see Vegeta arrive. They could barely beat Vegeta on earth, what chance do they stand on Namek. Back on Earth Goku is fully recovered and heads off to planet Namek in a modified version of his original space ship. Goku is all too aware of all the potential training he has missed so the ship is fixed with a dial which can raise the force of gravity. Whilst training Goku is caught in an electro magnetic storm which sends the ship senses into confusion, the gravity is increased to 100 times Earth gravity. Fortunately Goku survives and begins to train in 100 times Earth gravity.

After seeing Frieza's destructive power and sensing his power level Krillin believes they are fighting a lost cause, until Dende a young Namek they rescued informs him of the Eldest Namek who may be able to help. Krillin goes to the Eldest Namek, Guru, for assistance. Guru awakens Kuririn's hidden power, and gives him the Dragonball that he had created. He warns Krillin that once he dies the Dragonballs will disappear, and that his time was near.

Vegeta is aware that Frieza has collected most of the dragonballs, but all he need do is get one then wait until Frieza has 6 in his possession and then take them. Vegeta searches out a Namek village and demands a dragonball, they deny him and attack Vegeta. Vegeta defeats them easily and gets the dragonball. He realises that it is too dangerous for him to carry a dragonball around so he places it in a near by lake - a place where only he knows it is. Frieza will not be able to find it as he has no way of detecting dragonballs! Krillin is so excited he has a dragonball he flys back to Bulma and Gohan. Vegeta's destructive power has not gone un noticed, Zarbon is ordered by Frieza to take care of him. As Bulma and Gohan wait for Krillin to return they notice what appears to be a dragonball not far from their location.

Gohan sets out to investigate. Krillin is enjoying his new found power that he is oblivious that Vegeta has sensed him and the dragonball. Vegeta follows Krillin, Zarbon's scouter picks up the power sources and gives chase. Zarbon finds Vegeta, and is surprised by just how much he has improved. The two if them go head to head, they are evenly matched so Zarbon transforms and attacks Vegeta beating him senseless and throwing him into the sea. he heads back to report to Frieza. Frieza is angered, is Vegeta dead? Zarbon doesn't know, he didn't check. Zarbon heads out and finds Vegeta. Vegeta is badly beaten but still alive, he is taken back to Frieza's space ship and put in a rejuvenation tank. Frieza intends to make Vegeta tell him where the other 2 dragonballs are. Vegeta is recovering slowly onboard Frieza's ship. The doctor begins to mock him, and with that Vegeta awakens and bursts out of the rejuventaion tank.

Frieza and Zarbon head to the rejuvenation room, Vegeta has to think quick. He grabs the doctor and fires a energy bolt out the side of Frieza's ship. When Freiza and Zarbon arrive, they find the room empty and a hole in the wall. Vegeta must have escaped! However Vegeta is hiding in the same room, and runs out into the corridor. The dragonballs have to be around somewhere. Vegeta finds the dragonballs but needs to find a way to get them all away from Frieza. He sends a fireblast down the corridor to keep Frieza and Zarbon busy. Vegeta then fires another blast and throws each one of the dragonballs out of Frieza's ship. Vegeta is pleased to find that all 5 dragonballs have landed in the same area, plus the one he hid in the lake is 6, all he needs now is one more. It is too risky to leave the dragonballs alone so vegeta decides to sit tight and wait for him to sense the 7th dragonball. Greatly angered, Frieza sends Zarbon to find Vegeta and bring back the dragonballs. Both Vegeta and Zarbon spot Krillin returning with Guru's ball, and take up chase. Zarbon and Vegeta battle once again, but as Vegeta states, he gets stronger after every battle. Zarbon is defeated with ease. Krillin gives up the ball without a fight, as he knows he does not stand a chance against the more powerful Saiyan. Thinking he has all seven balls, Vegeta goes to fetch the one he hid. However, Gohan gets to it first. As Gohan is returing he meets up with Vegeta, Gohan is quick to hide the dragonball and him and Vegeta talk. Vegeta is interested in the dragonball radar, Gohan explains that it is a watch - an antique watch! Vegeta laughs and knee's Gohan in the stomach before returning to the dragonball he hid earlier. However he can not find it, someone has got there before him, but who? Vegeta then realises that Gohan had a dragonball locator, not a watch. Vegeta fuelled with anger chases after Gohan.

Frieza, now extremely angry that he does not have the balls in his possesion, orders that the Ginyu Force be summoned. Krillin and Gohan zoom towards Guru, leaving the ball in the care of Bulma, so that Gohan's powers could be awakened. Vegeta, finding out that Gohan has the last ball, takes off in pursuit of him. Krillin, Gohan, and Vegeta all reach Guru's house at about the same time, although Gohan has a good enough lead so that he could get the power-up from Guru. Sensing that the Ginyu force had landed, Vegeta manages to make a pact with the Gohan and Krillin.

All three race to Bulma's hiding place to retrieve the last dragonball, afterwards they rush to where the other five were hidden. Unfortunately, the Ginyu force beats them to the spot, and they use their superior powers to get the other two balls from Krillin, Gohan, and Vegeta. Captain Ginyu returns the dragonballs to Frieza. The rest of the Ginyu force use Rock, Paper, Scissors to determined that Gerudo will be the first to go, and he faces off against Krillin and Gohan. By freezing time and using other various tricks, Gerudo gets the upper hand on the fight. At the last moment, however,

Vegeta sends a blast of energy and decapitates Gerudo. During this time, the Dragonballs reach Frieza. He is unable to summon the dragon, and races to Guru's house to find out what the magic words are.

Recoome is the next Ginyu member to fight. Vegeta puts up a good fight, but Recoome is just to strong. Krillin is next up but he is taken put by a quick kick to the head. Gohan mad at the senseless beating that Krillin took, takes on Recoome and does some damaged, but Recoome is too strong for Gohan Just as things are looking their worst, Goku finally arrives in his ship. He gives Sensu beans to Krillin, Gohan, and Vegeta, and knocks out Recoome in one punch. Jace and Burter begin to attack Goku, but they prove no match for him. Burter is knocked out as well, and Jace flys to Captain Ginyu to get help. Ginyu arrives on the scene, but he is also overpowered by Goku. In the meantime, Vegeta abandons the fight to find the Dragonballs.

Krillin and Gohan also depart for the same destination, hoping they will beat Vegeta to them.Captain Ginyu raises his fighting power to maximum, and is terrified to see that Goku can match him, and then some! Captain Ginyu has one last trick, he plunges his hand deep into his body critically damaging him. Goku looks on in shock, Ginyu raises his arms and shouts 'change now' with that he swaps bodies with Goku.Goku is Ginyu and Ginyu is Goku. Captain Ginyu now in Goku's body fly's back to Frieza's ship to announce the defeat of Goku..

Vegeta arrives at Frieza's ship first but can not find the dragonballs. He decides to wait until Gohan and Krillin turn up, no doubt they will use the dragon radar to locate them, then Vegeta can attack and get all seven dragonballs. Meanwhile Guru senses Frieza's approach and sends Dende to tell Gohan and Krillin the password for the dragonballs. On his way to Guru's house, Frieza notices Dende flying away, Frieza ignores him. Nail the strongest of the Nameks is waiting for Frieza to turn up, however before he gets a chance to fight him some of the Namek elite turn up to battle Frieza. Frieza destroys them all with little hassle. Nail decides to fight Frieza, after Guru refuses to tell Frieza the password. Nail and Frieza fly off to do battle, Frieza over powers Nail easily.

As Nail is about to die he tells Frieza that Dende has the password and he was just stalling Freiza. Frieza is mad and fly's back to his spaceship, neglecting to kill Nail.Krillin and Gohan use the scouter to find where the Dragonballs are buried, but they are also unable to summon the Dragon. Ginyu gets to the ship, still in Goku's body, followed by the real Goku. Goku tells Krillin and Gohan what happened, and they attack Ginyu.

Still not used to his new body, Ginyu has a tough time with the earthlings. Ginyu can not summon up the immense power that Goku had. Sensing this Vegeta joins in beating Ginyu badly and seriously damaging Goku's body. Ginyu lies beaten with Vegeta flying in to deliver the final death blow. Captain Ginyu begins his change trick but Goku manages to fly in to the beam and gets his own body back. Quickly Ginyu begins the change trick again on Vegeta but Goku manages to throw a frog into the beam. Captain Ginyu is now a frog!