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The day's past and Videl continues her lessons and soon she is flying like a pro, she tells Gohan not to tell her father about this as she wants to surprise him. Videl continues and explains how the fame of saving the world has gone to Hercule's head, she wishes that someone would beat him. After hearing this Gohan is happy, now he can beat Hercule without having to worry about Videl's reaction. The Z-warriors assemble and head off to the island where the tournament is taking place.

On the way Gohan suggests that they do not turn super saiyan as people may remember them from the cell games, and life will be more difficult. They all agree and land on the island. Waiting for them is Piccolo who still has reservations about Gohan's outfit, but Gohan is oblivious. Just then Goku appears and everyone is reunited. Goten is aprehensive but soon both him and Goku are getting on fine. They all head off to the registration desk, however a shock awaits Trunks and Goten. They have to fight in the under 15 sections, Trunks is annoyed, but can do nothing. The fighters say goodbye to the others and head off into the establishment.

Meanwhile Videl is looking for Gohan, but Sharpner catches up with her first, though his sweet talking and flowers fall on deaf ears. The z-warriors are greated by an old friend, the reporter on the cell games! He explains how boring the tournaments have been so far and hope that with Goku and friends competing things will change. Videl catches up with Gohan and they fly off to talk, however Sharpner is on the case. He is annoyed that Videl is taking more interest in the great saiyaman than him, and hatches a plan to unmask the great saiyaman. Finally the first preliminary test is begun, Hercule the reigning world champion takes the first punch against the punching machine and scores over 100 kg impact. The prospective fighters each land one punch on the machine, and the top 16 will enter the tournament. Gohan and the others decide to hit the machine gently so not to cause any panic, however even their gentle punches score over 200 kg! Vegeta is last out of the z-warriors and as normal he refuses to hold back and destroys the machine in one punch. It would seem that all the z-warriors are in the tournament, but will Goku's one day on Earth be enough to compete in the tournament?

Before the main tournament can begin, the junior one has to be completed first. Hercule is on hand to offer a free exhibition match for the winner, but his announcement is interrupted by brand new footage of how Hercule won the Cell games. Hercule is terrified as people will find out the truth about him. Fortunately it is a re-enactment, based pretty much on Hercules idea of the events. The Z-fighters are all insulted, apart from Goku who actually quite liked it. Finally the Junior tournament can get underway.

Trunks is up first against a guy twice his age. Trunks, still annoyed that he has to compete in the junior tournament takes all his opponents insults and finished him in 2 hits. Other junior members battle, with most of them bursting into tears. Finally Goten is up, unlike Trunks he waits for his opponents to attack, hoping for a challenge.

Unfortunately no challenge emerges, Goten finishes of his opponent in 1 punch. Quickly Goten and Trunks make their way through the field until they both make the final, this is the match that they have been waiting for, who is the strongest. The battle begins and neither has the upper hand, they shock the audience by fighting mid-air, and even Hercule is brought out to watch, he will be taking part in a exhibition match with the winner. However Hercule quickly realises that these people and their fighting styles remind him of something...Goku..mainly when he battled Cell. Trunks and Goten keep fighting, and neither is gaining any ground, suddenly they stop and square off against one another, relishing the challenge. The audience look on a cheer, they want more, and Goten and Trunks are not about to disappoint!

The two continue to fight and Trunks decides to up the ante and launches an energy blast at Goten. Goten dodges and it flys off towards the audience, however Trunks has it under control and diverts it away from them. Next Goten launches his kame-ha-ma-ha energy wave, which Trunks dodges. However Goten is not able to control the blast and it destroys part of the set, the two of them decide not to use the energy blasts again, as they may hurt someone.

The fight continues again, with both Trunks and Goten landing punches hit for hit. Trunks lunges at Goten and sends him flying sky high, Goten corrects himself and finds Trunks no where to be seen. Suddenly Trunks appears behind him and captures Goten in an armlock, as Trunks begins to squeeze harder, it looks like the end for Goten. Goten will not give up, and he quickly turns super saiyan which frees him from Trunks grip.

Trunks is annoyed as the deal was not to go super saiyan, Goten says he forget, but Trunks is not to sure. Trunks announces that the match has gone on for too long and it is time to finish the bout, he announces that he will not use his left hand. Goten laughs and say's if he does, then he will surely lose. Trunks attacks, and Goten quickly gains the upper hand, suddenly Trunks turns super saiyan and blasts Goten out of the ring. Goten rapidly tries to stop himself, but he is too late. His feet touch the ground and Trunks is the winner. Goten returns to the ring, angry that Trunks cheated. Trunks say's that they both turned super saiyan so it was a fair match, he then promises Goten any 3 of his toys. Goten is happy, and the Trunks awaits his exhibition match with Hercule...However Hercule has other ideas.

Hercule enters the ring and tells Trunks that at the beginning of each match champion fighters give each other a little tap on the cheek, as a sign of respect. Hercule plans for Trunks to tap him, then Hercule would hit Trunks hard and win the match. Hercule bends down and offers Trunk the free 'respect' tap, Trunks taps Hercule and sends him flying out the ring. The audience is stunned, Hercule stands up and laughs, making out it was all an amazing stunt. Trunks stands bewildered, wondering if Hercule is really that weak, or if he was just conserving his power. The rest of the z-fighters go to the qualifiers enclosure and begin to eat, Krillin remarks that he is constantly amazed just how much saiyans can eat. Videl asks what a saiyan is, and Gohan stops Krillin from letting anything else important slip, the last thing he wants is for Videl to know that who he is and the real outcome of the cell games. After eating Goku and the gang head to the section where the draw for the fight will take place, on the way they encounter two mysterious fighters who seem to be very strong. The shorter one has heard of Goku's exploits and hopes to fight him in the tournament, before he goes he shakes Goku's hand. Something is wrong, their power levels are extreme, Goku is wary but looks forward to the tournament.

Meanwhile Trunks and Goten mug a qualifier and take his costume, Trunks sits on Goten's shoulders and they make their way to the pre fight draw. Everyone takes it in turn to pick out a ball, and slowly the fighting order is established. Piccolo will be first to fight one of the mysterious fighters, and Vegeta gets his wish, as he is up against Goku first. The tournament looks set to be good. Krillin enters the ring for the first match of the tournament, all the snide remarks said to him finally get the better of him, and he takes down his opponent with his eyes closed. Meanwhile Piccolo is getting increasingly more frustrated. Something is not right with Shin, and he can not figure it out. Piccolo's actions get Gohan and Goku concerned. However all this is forgotten when he and Shin head out to the ring, as the match is started, Piccolo can not understand why he is holding back, why won't he attack. These questions run through his mind as he tries to recognise the power signature, suddenly Shin interrupts him saying everything will be explain soon. How did he know what Piccolo was thinking, eitherway it is too much and Piccolo forfeits the match much to the surprise of the others. Piccolo's only comment is that Shin is more powerful than you can ever imagine. The z-fighters are left stunned, as Videl heads to the ring for her first round match.

Videl is up against Spapavitch, a massive mountain of muscle who was defeated in the last tournament in the first round by Hercule. The fight begins and Videl has the upper hand easily, she makes every attack count. Spapavitch tries to block but Videl keeps wearing him down, every attack Videl makes on him doesn't seem to effect him at all. From the sidelines Yamu - Spapavitch's friend watches the match. Videl is to quick for Spapavitch and is easily able to turn his own attack to her advantage. She slides beneath him and throws him over her head. Spapavitch gets up as if nothing was wrong. Videl can not believe this and continues to fight. From the waiting area Goku becomes suspicious, Spapavitch should have been defeated already, something is not right , Videl is in more trouble then she believes. Videl jumps up and gives Spapavitch a direct kick to the head which twists his neck and sends him falling to the floor. Videl stops and falls to the ground, she has defeated her opponent but as the rules state, use of excessive force would result in disqualification. Just then Spapavitch stands up and goes for Videl, Videl is tired and Spapavitch takes advantage of this, eventually Videl gets her chance and flys up high above the ring to rest. She doesn't guarentee on Spapavitch being able to fly as well. With Videl tired Spapavitch begins to toy with her, Gohan tells her to give up but she will not. As Videl gets beaten more and more Gohan begins to get angry and slowly changes into a super saiyan, his saiyaman costume breaks and he heads out to the ring. Just as he arrives Yamu tells Spapavitch to finish the match, and Videl is tossed outside the ring and Spapavitch advances to the next round.

Goku suggests that he go get some senzu beans, however he gets sidetracked and has several good meals before coming back. Meanwhile Gohan goes to see Videl, Hercules is mad as Videl seems to have taken a liking to Gohan. A boy he see's as weak. As Gohan runs back, he is seen by two of his school friends, Sharpener recognises saiyaman and decides that he will find out who he really is. As Gohan arrives back Goku gives him the senzu bean, Gohan apologises to Kabuto and says he will be right back. Gohan arrives at Videl's room and gives her a senzu bean much to the annoyance of the doctor and Hercule. Gohan leaves just as Videl gets all her energy back. Back at the ring Gohan faces off against his opponent. From the audience a school friend recognises him, and soon his friends begin to chant his name. Gohan hears this and removes his glasses - a disguise is no longer needed. Gohan adopts his fight stance and Kabuto tells Gohan to show him his super saiyan powers. Gohan declines, and wants to know why. From the sidelines Piccolo tells Gohan to do it. Gohan turns back to Kabuto and tells him whether he would like to see the level above super saiyan. Kabuto is stunned and Gohan begins his transformation.

Shin tells everyone not to enter the ring during Gohans fight. This doesn't go down well, especially with Vegeta who wants to know why he should listen to someone he has never met, he doesn't look that strong. Piccolo turns around and says he should have more respect for the supreme kai. Everyone is shocked and Shin explains that he believes that Spapavitch and Yamu are after Gohan, but when the enter the ring no one must interfere. Gohan will be oh kay.

Gohan is powered up and Kabuto is amazed by his power, Gohan tells him to come and fight him. Just then Yamu and Spapavitch enter the ring, Gohan turns around and goes to attack but finds is frozen by Shin. Yamu stabs Gohan with a power device which begins to extract all of Gohans power. Once completed they leave the ring. Shin explains that he must go after them now, and the others are welcome to join him. Gohan will be oh kay as Kabuto will heal him and explain the situation. Goku decides to join Shin much to the annoyance of Vegeta who demands that Goku be back for his fight. Vegeta goes with Goku to make sure that he does get back. Krillin also joins the adventure leaving 18 to win the tournament. Back in the ring Kabuto heals Gohan nearer to his power level he had when he defeated Cell. Gohan and Videl and Kabuto head off, leaving only a few people left to fight in the tournament.

The z-fighters catch up with Shin who explains the situation. A long time ago a powerful wizard from the outermost are of the universe set about destroying everything, his name was Bibidi. Bibidi had a creation called Majin Buu, who combined with Bibidi's spells made him the strongest fighter ever. The Grand Kai's battled against Bibidi and Majin Buu, only 1 Grand Kai survived. Vegeta thinks to himself that this Buu character would have made a good saiyan. Shin turns to him and say's 'no', Buu is 1000 times stronger than Frieza was. Vegeta wonders why no one told him that Shin could read minds. Buu became so strong that even Bibidi could not control him, the best he could do was to trap him in a sphere which could only be released by a powerful power - a power that Bibidi possessed. The sphere containing Buu was sent to Earth to destroy it, but as the seal could not be broken it still remains to this day. But now it seems that Buu could be released again, as Bibidi had a son - Babidi, who has Spapavitch and Yamu under his control. They both have Gohan's pure power which may well be enough to release Majin Buu.