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Excel Saga

Every so often something really different comes along, Excel saga is an anime parody. Excel Saga contains 26 episodes which make fun of all the most popular anime series. You have huge afro heroes, a women who is 1/4 British where the camera keeps stopping on her chest never quite making her face in the same shot, and of course the bunch of layabouts who have no real use in the story but are present nevertheless.

Excel Saga does contain a plot, but to be honest each episode is a stand alone piece as each episode is played out in one of many genres. We have a war anime, sports anime, special girly anime, and so on. Excel Saga's cast of characters are numerous but the main stars of the show are;

Last name Excel, given name Excel, In other words, she's Excel. Excel has Blonde hair and Green eyes and is the main character. 2 years part time job history. 3rd level abacus. No past offences.

In the first episode we are treated to Angel Excel and Devil Excel, fortunately Angel Excel triumphs and shoots Devil Excel.."The bullet of justice will always demolish evil." ..only to be arrested for murder by Justice Excel.

Excel works for ACROSS, under Il Palazzo Leader of Across, he has Black hair. Yellow eyes and is Idolized by Excel.

Excel is the senior member of ACROSS under Il Palazzo, though it should really be mentioned that the total membership is 2, then 3 when Princess Hyatt arrives.

By setting up the Secret Ideal Organisation Across, Il Palazzo plans to take over the world. But he'll start by taking over the city. He is crazier than Excel but hides it better, he sets a mission for the girls every episode.
Occasionaly you will see IL Palazzo doing out of character things, like playing his videogame or reading a book.

Princess Hyatt arrives on a space ship under eyes of Space Butler and a crew of Evil cute aliens. Hyatt is encased in a pod, which is probably the only place where she should be, as Hyatt has tendency to die a lot.

Hyatt immediately impresses Il Palazzo and is the object of his desire when he plays his videogame. Civil Servant Watanabe loves her after he helped her to Excels department when he found on the road slithering along.

Hyatt has a habit of dribbling blood when she talks to anyone, she also has no fear of dieing, as well...she does it every day. She is the opposite of Excel in everything exept the dieing bit.

Excel Saga is one of those strange anime's that you will get more enjoyment out of it if you watch it with other like minded fans. For people who haven't seen that much anime, a lot of the jokes will fall flat and you will just get bored.

The jokes in Excel Saga may not make you laugh out loud all the time, but you will definately snigger, all in all Excel Saga is a good anime, and any anime which has the line derriere isn't love in the opening titles has got to be worth something!