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Nastajja Radinov is still alive, and she is out for blood after her encounter with Rally and May ended with a bang.

Back at police headquarters, Rally, May, and Becky are being scolded by Roy Coleman (who is back from a vacation) for causing the mess with the exploding car which was now lying at the bottom of a river. They leave the building only to find one of Radinov's knives embedded in the hood of Rally's GT500.

Later, Rally and May are invited to attend a campaign rally for Eddie Heinz, a local anti-gun politician running for office. It seems that he has an award he wants to present to the two fearless bounty hunters. Rally doesn't seem particularly thrilled, but May is just ecstatic. Over at BATF headquarters Bill Collins is presented with some information, by his friend Cathy, that shows their boss, George Black, is up to some sneaky business at safe house six.

At about the same time, Black is running to the safe house, where Radinov is hiding out, because he knows that he is in trouble. When he gets there he finds Radinov on the phone with someone who seems to think Black is no longer needed.

Bill and another BATF agent go to investigate the safe house only to find George Black dead with a live grenade waiting for anyone who tried to move his body. Bill deactivates the grenade while the other BATF agent picks up the phone and hits the redial button to find that they are connected with Eddie Heinz's office. Heinz is turning out to be the mastermind behind a major gun smuggling operation.

Bill notices a picture of Rally with a knife stuck in it, and realizes that Rally is in danger. He runs out of the room just as the other BATF agent is hanging up the phone, which sets off a huge explosion that destroys the house. The next day, Rally, May, Becky, and Roy are attending the campaign rally for Heinz. Rally and May are on stage accepting their award, when a badly wounded Bill Collins yells for Rally to run. Just at that moment Radinov, who is in the crowd, opens fire on the stage with two machine pistols, emptying both guns, and then runs off.

Rally and May, who both escaped injury, chase after Radinov who has entered a large museum which is currently under renovation. They split up with May going around the back, and Rally following Radinov into the museum and up onto the rooftop.

Meanwhile, Roy, Becky, and Kate (Roy's assistant) are able to trick Heinz into showing his true colors and catch him on video for everyone to see. Heinz is then arrested.

Rally catches up to Radinov on the roof, but has walked right into a trap. The concussion of an explosion bowls Rally over and slams her into a wall. The explosion also nearly topples a water tower onto May who falls several stories and barely manages to break her fall by grabbing a rope, but who then crashes into some scaffolding.

Radinov wounds Rally with one of her knives and seems to have won, savoring the moment and getting ready to finish her off. But May regains consciousness and comes to Rally's rescue with a flash charge, which allows Rally enough time to escape.

However, Rally is badly wounded and May isn't much better off. Radinov is as determined as ever to get her revenge and begins to look for the two who are hiding somewhere in the museum.