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Genre : Fantasy / Comedy
Kazuki attends Aoi Academy magic users school. He can only use magic 8 times, his grades aren't that good and he is not very popular until his secret gets out. The secret that even he didn't know about was that even though it seems he isn't strong with magic, he carries the genes of the most powerful magicians. His children would be powerful and so he is being chased for his genes.

The top three contenders for his genes are Yuna, Kazetsubaki, and Rin. Yuna is strong with magic and claims to be his wife. Kazetsubaki is also strong with magic, is busty and from a wealthy family. Rin is a swordswoman and a priestess. She is being ordered to infuse new blood into their family and she would rather Kazuki disappear than that happen.









Yuna Miyama

On returning home from school one day, Kazuki finds Yuna in his dorm room.

Kazauki apparently made a promise to her when they were both children, and now she insists on calling herself, his wife!