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Mars has been overrun by an unknown alien force from Jupiter, known only as the Jovian Lizards. Abandoned by Earth, Mars is left to the mercy of the invaders. One private defense manufacturer, Nergal, refuses to abandon the people of Mars, and commissions its own space battleship and crew to survey what remains of humanity on Mars. They do get the best of the best - with all mental instability included.

The captain, Misumaru Yurika, an admiral's daughter, is a tactical wizard and excellent captain in the heat of battle, but her silver-spoon upbringing has left her with less-than-desirable social skills. The helmsman, Hoshino Ruri, is a eleven-year-old supragenius with an acid wit and holier-than-thou attitude. And the cook/backup pilot is a Martian refugee named Tenkawa Akito, who is not only a childhood friend of Yurika, but a protege of the ship's star pilot, Daigouji Gai, who himself is an incorrigible anime otaku. (We mean *otaku*.)

Will this ship of misfits be able to survive the onslaught of the unknown? And what exactly will they find once they get to outer space? (If they even get there...)