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The story opens as a young fairy unlocks a strange device located on Earth's moon, freeing a small face-like icon, with markings resembling that of the goddesses...

It has been three years since Belldandy and her sisters arrived on Earth, and things have been going relatively smoothly. Belldandy has become Keiichi's riding partner in the Motor Club, which is preparing for a big sidecar motorcycle race.

Celestine, Belldandy's former mentor, suddenly arrives after mysteriously vanishing years ago. He is jealous of Keiichi and believes that Belldandy should be his. To prove his point he removes all of Belldandy's memory from the last 3 years. She no longer remembers Keiichi at all.

Meanwhile a malicious computer virus is attacking Heaven, if it is not stopped it may destroy the entire system, and the worlds they govern along with it. Keiichi and Belldandy's sisters try to revive her memory, Peorth is busy attempting to stop the destruction of Heaven. Peorth heads up to see the powers that be and she is given a solution. The answer may come from exploring Belldandy's past, a journey that will unlock many hidden secrets, and put the powers and personalities of the goddesses to their most critical tests.

Meanwhile back in the Motor Club a new girl has arrived who can match Belldandy in everything, even her love of Keiichi.

The story told in Ah! My Goddess: The Movie is awesome. We are given a better insight in to the Goddesses past and how each one of them fit in to the story of Celestine.

This movie is full of humour and is great fun for everyone. The dub track is very well done, but does make a lot more of the drunk motor club member and her attempt to prove to Keiichi that she is a real women! However the scenes where Belldandy loses her clothese are well done as Keiichi looks away, along with us the viewer.

Celestine does come across as a twisted man, which is very surprising in the Goddess world, however as always Love is the key, and after a huge battle with all the Goddess' showing of their DBZ powers! Keiichi and Belldandy must put their love to the test.

Due to the strong story, creative visuals and abundant humor, this anime can be enjoyed by everyone. Fans of the Goddess series will love it, and new viewers will not get confused. All in all an excellent anime.