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Moonlight and Cherry Blossoms

Morisato Keiichi has been left alone in his dorm, whilst his friends are out. He has only one instruction and that is to answer the phone and take any messages that may be left. However as time passes Morisato gets bored and decides to phone for a take-away as his friends have left him nothing to eat. Unfortunately all the shops are not delivering at the present time. Dishearted Moristato decides to try one last time. He enters the number and hears a voice on the other end say 'you have reached the goddess help line' Morisato asks for noodles. Suddenly there is a blinding flash, Morisato looks around a witnesses a beautiful girl coming out of the mirror!

She introduces herself as Belldandy and she is a real life, honest to goodness GODDESS! Morisato is having none of it, he reckons it is a trick being played on him by his friends. Belldandy says she is aware that he is unhappy and has arrived to grant him any wish he desires. Morisato is sceptical, should he go along with her and be the laughing stock of his friends or should her just ignore her? Then it hits him, he will wish for this beautiful lady to be his girlfriend, that will sort them all out! Morisato tells Belldandy his wish, she says she must check with the Ultimate Force to see if this wish is valid - it is. The wish is done, Belldandy is now Morisato girl friend. Morisato is very happy, he has the most beautiful girl, suddenly he rembers that the dorm has one strict rule - NO WOMEN ALLOWED! Morisato friends arrive back, and are surprised to see Belldandy, but rules are rules so the both of them are thrown out on to the streets.

It is raining hard, Morisato is concerned that Belldandy looks a little out of place dressed in clothes of a Goddess. With a flash of light she transforms her clothing into something more appropriate. As they drive looking for a place to stay, Morisato is so happy that he has Belldandy, he doesn't realise that a car is heading straight towards them, luckily Belldandy does and using her powers they avoid the car. Morisato turns to thank Belldandy, but she is not responding. She urges him to find a temple, there should be one near by. Morisato knew the one she means and he drives off towards it. Belldandy is not responding when they arrive, her body is cold - has he killed her?

Morisato rummages through his backpack and finds a blanket which he places on Belldandy. The next day Belldandy wakes up and notices Morisato lying next to her, now she thinks that she has let Morisato down! But under closer inspection he is alright. Belldandy leaves the temple and heads next doo to an abandoned building. Using her powers she restores the building to its former glory.

Morisato is amazed at the building, this is their new home! However he does not have enough time to settle in as his younger sister has arrived, she is about to start college too! She needs a place to stay, and reluctantly Morisato lets her stay with him and Belldandy. Later his friends from college turn up, ready for a house warming party. Morisato has really hit the big time, is this the start of a wonderful life for him and Belldandy?