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Midsummer Night's Dream

Five months have past since Morisato Keiichi dialed for noodles but instead got a goddess. Even though he wished for Belldandy to be his girlfriend, nothing has happened prompting both of them to ponder their future with one another. Over breakfast Morisato's sister explains about a previous holiday she had at the ocean and how beautiful it was, Belldandy liked the sound of it and would have liked to go. Morisato himself also liked the idea but even between them neither asked. Just then a package arrives for Morisato, it has no address of whom it is from, so he places it to one side.

Belldandy leaves with Morisato's sister leaving the house empty. Morisato opens up the package, inside is a video tape - a sexy video tape. Morisato thinks it is from his friends at the dorm, he puts the tape in and begins to watch. The girl on the tape is very pretty, 'more?' she asks. Morisato smiles. His smiles soon turn to panic as the girl on the tape emerges out of the television, she is very beautiful - like a goddess! The woman is indeed a goddess, she is Urd! - Belldandy's big sister.

She is unimpressed in Morisato's progress and gives him some advice on how to treat Belldandy. Confident with this new advice he and Belldandy head off to the ocean. Morisato relaxes on the beach when Urd returns with some more advice on sunscreen protection and how Morisato should rub it on Belldandy's back. Belldandy emerges from the changing room in her swim suit, she is shocked to see Morisato staring at her. She questions him about her swimsuit, Morisato replies it is very nice that is why he was staring.

He begins to rub sunscreen into her back when he is surprised by an old high school friend. She is amazed to see Belldandy, and is envious of her beauty. Things start to look bad, but the Ultimate Power [a force which activates if Belldandy or Morisato will ever be parted] does not happen. Slightly concerned Morisato waves goodbye to his old friend only to realise that he has spilt the sunscreen on the sand, Morisato is upset and Urd is mad.

Morisato and Belldandy hire a boat and go out into the ocean, everything is going well until their boat is capsized on the wave on a bigger boat - belonging to none other than Morisato's high school friend. She stops to make sure everyone is ohkay, unfortunately Morisato is unconsious and is slowly drowning.

Belldandy dives down and saves him. Urd can not believe it, what must she do to help them out? Morisato recovers in his room, Belldandy looks over him wondering whether all of this is her fault. She leaves upset. Urd appears and questions Morisato's love for Belldandy, he says he loves her but things just don't work out well. Urd has the answer, she gives him a love potion and tells him to drink it and it will give him confidence. However she neglects to tell him that he will love the first person he see's. The door opens and in walks Morisato high school friend, he falls in love with her. Belldandy returns and is distraught as his the high school girl. Morisato is strong enough to tell Belldandy that it is her that he loves, but the potion is too strong. Morisato runs off towards the beach, Belldandy follows. Belldandy tells Morisato to stop acting strange, she doesn't mind if he loves someone else. As she conforts him the love potion falls to the ground, Belldandy instantly recognises it and calls for her Sister.

Urd appears and the spell is broken. Urd explains how she was doing it to help them and then she disappears up into the clouds, only to come crashing down to earth again. She has been refused entry, it seems that she was 'Ultimate Power' and she has neglected her duty whilst trying to help Morisato. With no place to go, Morisato reluctantly lets her stay with him, his sister, and Belldandy.