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Burning Hearts on the Road

High above the earth in the Heavens, one lonly goddess tries to rid the Ultimate force system from all its bugs. That lonly goddess is Skuld, and she quickly tires of chasing bugs and decides to pay her big sister Belldandy a visit. Skuld's teleporting skill still needs some work as she appears from Keiichi's bath water. Keiichi is obviously surprised but Skuld gets the wrong idea and hits him, what kind of pervert would share a bath with her?

Skuld wants Belldandy to go back with her up to the heavens. However she is unaware of Belldandy's contract with Keiichi. The contract states that as long as Keiichi wants Belldandy by his side she will remain with him. On hearing this Skuld begins to work on a plan which will show Belldandy the loser that Keiichi is, which will result in Belldandy leaving Keiichi and going back to the heavens with Skuld.

Meanwhile it is the annual drag race between the Auto club and the rival drag racing club. As per usual Keiichi has been elected to be the driver of the dragster, and begins building it. Everything is going well until Keiichi's friends turn up with a twin engine, adding this is going to take time, why should it be done. Just then the leader of the rival dragster club turns up waffling about some deal involing Belldandy. Keiichi is annoyed he know's nothing about this, Belldandy interrupts him and asks Keeichi's friends whether he had promised this, he nods. Belldandy agree's that a promise can not be broken, and anyway she has the utmost confidence in Keiichi.

The day of the drag race arrives, Skuld intends to use her goddess powers to make the rival dragster team win. The first race begins and Keiichi easily wins.


Next up is the rival university, they manage to go several seconds faster than Keiichi's car. Skuld's goddess powers are working well. The races continue with the Auto Club led by Keiichi winning a place in the final, however joining them is the Ocean Formula team, if they win then Owishuma will get Belldandy to join his team.

Keiichi and the rest of the autoclub make last minute changes to their dragster. They have all seen how fast the Ocean team's dragster is, however Keiichi remarks that he has 3 goddesses on his side what can go wrong? Everyone cheers, Skuld doesn't, is what she doing right?

The final race is about to begin, everyone is excited. If Keiichi loses this race then Skuld will get her wish and Belldandy will come back home to her. The lights go out and the race begins, the Ocean team take the lead. Suddenly their engine blows and Keiichi crosses the finishing line and wins. Everyone celebrates, it was fortunate that the Ocean team had an engine explosion, otherwise they would have surely lost. Skuld is furious, she had not thought that by using her powers to make the opponents dragster go faster would end like this. Rejected she joins the rest of the Autoclub as they make their way home.