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Read Or Die

An unknown man is found on top of the White House. The police are unable to stop this man, and he, with his unusual powers, destroys the entire building. When asked who he is, the unknown man replies, "I-Jin". He then asks where the Library of Congress is and goes off to steal thousands of manuscripts.

Enter Yomiko Readman, a total bookworm whose room is littered with thousands of books in multiple languages. After buying a rare book for a ridiculous sum of money, she is attacked by a swarm of insects summoned by a man who has an interest in the book she is reading and steals it from her.

It turns out that he is part of a terrorist organisation called I-Jin as well, the same people who attacked the Library of Congress and stole all of their books and manuscripts.

Fortunately Yomiko is actually a special agent for the British Library who has the power to manipulate paper Yomiko is assigned to the case of the stolen book along with "Ms Deep", who has the power to phase through objects, and Drake Anderson, a demolitions expert

Together, they go on their mission and find out that the stolen book is more important than they think.


Read or Die [ROD] is a fun anime, no way can you take it seriously. ROD takes people from History and put them against the British Library's finest! Yomiko Readman [the paper] loves books and she just happens to buy a book which if it falls in to the wrong hands could well destroy the world as we know it.

The Paper is joined by Nancy [Ms Deep] who apart from admitting to having a name like a pornstar has a costume to match. Ms Deep's skill is she can pass through solid objects. Each of the three episodes ends in a big battle with one of history's greatest. Episode one has a great paper battle and I really got in to the whole crazyness of the anime.

Anything else that I type may well begin to ruin the story for you, so just buy the dvd, sit back, relax and enjoy one of the most enjoyable animes to date. A ROD tv series has also been completed and hopefully it will be just as enjoyable as this anime.

Special Features

  • Chapter selection
  • Information on the historic characters that feature in the anime.

DVD Technical Information:

  • Digitally remastered
  • English language version
  • Region Code: 2
  • Running time: 82 min