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Street fighter 2 the Animated Movie Special DVD Edition.

The best video game movie tie in gets the DVD treatment and it is disappointing. The quality of the footage is just above the VHS version, hairlines still appear, so it has not been 'digitally remastered'. It has just been put on a DVD. It contains no new footage, it is the same as the UK VHS version. For those that you who care, the UK version actually had the original japanese gore and nudity which the Amercian version had taken out. The extra's that you get are poor. A static image gallery is present along with spelling mistakes, if you view the DVD via your PC/MAC.

The menu system looks nice, but surely there could have been some documentary or something on the film. Apart from the poor DVD treatment, the film is the best video game film ever. Although it is not based on any one characters story, it works well with the most popular characters , Guile, Chun-Li, Ryu and Ken taking center stage. Other All the characters appear for what is best described as cameo appearances.

A special mention has to go to the Chun-li VS Vega fight scene which has yet to be bettered. It is a wonderful piece of animation. The basic story centers around M.Bison recruiting top martial art stars to be converted into Shadaloo assasins. He has his eye's on Ryu, but is unable to catch up with him and so goes for Ken, who has the same skills as Ryu.

Chun-li has been tracking M.Bison for a while now, and is sent to enlist the help of the US Airforce, in the shape of Colonel Guile. Guile reluctantly agree's but not before Chun-li quotes is sf2 winning quote 'are you man enough to fight me?'. Yes just like the live action film a lot of capcom references have been placed in the movie, for fans.

The musical score is American rock, which in all honesty only appears to Americans. That said this time the music has been better chosen and the KMFD turne to which Chun-li and Vega fight is good. The only problem is that the music has been done to emphasize the action not complement it.Those people expecting a constant string of fights will be disappointed, as amazingly the plot takes centre stage, however when the fights do happen they are amazing. All in all if you have the VHS version of the film, then the DVD edition has nothing extra for you, a shame but the film still stands head and shoulders above the alpha movie. This movie is more professional.
Overall: Story - 9/10 Picture Quality - 7/10 Extra features - 1/10