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Shadow Skill

Shadow Skill OVA is in two parts. The Manga DVD contains both of them, now titled 'Shadow Skill the movie' and 'Shadow Skill Epilogue'.

Shadow Skill the movie

Two men stand atop a towering pinnacle of stone. One is Scarface, disfigured champion of the Shadow Skill. The other is Gau Ban of the Black Howling. It is ten years since they first met - ten years in which Gau, the untrained boy, has become a fearsome warrior...

A decade earlier, in the Kingdom of Kuruda, elite fighters battle for the honour beneath the blood red flag of King Falkai. While Elle Ragu limbers up for an apocalyptic confrontation with the demon beast Barsalf, her adopted brother Gau is surprised by the arrival of a mysterious masked figure. After the fight, it is this man who gives Gau the strength to triumph when he and Elle are attacked by the mighty Goa X.

Elle and Gau later join spellcaster Fowari, and young fighter Quo in a desperate attempt to defeat a carnivorous demon known as "King of the Moon." But even as they work together, conflict grows deep within the group. Watched by the enigmatic Scarface, friendship erupts into lethal combat - Shadow Skill versus Death Magic in a fight to the finish.

Shadow Skill Epilogue

In a war torn world of deadly conflict, one small group of heroes stand against the forces of darkness, armed only with two weapons - their unswerving dedication to good and the superhuman martial art known as the Shadow Skill...

For fourteen-year old Gau, it is time once again for him to return to the graves of his parents, murdered by bandits when he was just ten. In the company of his adoptive sister Ella, Gau quickly comes to realize that his journey is more than a pilgrimage, and that his combat abilities as a student of the Karuda school of martial arts are about to be pushed to the breaking point!

Attacked by the demonic Wolfman, left for dead and then forced to fight by Ella and Karuda master Scarface, Gau's dreams of becoming a new generation of warrior are put to the ultimate test - can he face his sister in single combat? Will he be able to match the unearthly abilities of Scarface? And can Gau ever uncover the secrets of the Shadow Skill?

Released: 1995
Executive Producer: Ippei Takahashi
Director: Hiroshi Negishi (Tenchi Muyo, Amazing Nurse Nanako)
Character Designer: Shin Matsuo
Producers: Akihiro Itou & Takeshi Katou
Distributed By: Manga Video