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the Legend of the Overfiend

Urotsukidoji, The Legend of the Overfiend, the anime that you keep finding appearing on talk shows when 'anime' is being banded as bad, and incites violence etc.. Urotsukidoji is probably the most disturbing anime I have seen [I original saw it when I was 14] But now many years later it is not as bad as I remember it..It is still pretty weird though.

The UK DVD release contains two stories from the Urotsukidoji universe. Thankfully the rubbish series has been forgotten and the movie is the best example of tentacle rape you will ever see. The animation is old school 1980's and the voice acting is poor.

It is hard to talk about Urotsukidoji without giving away most of the story, but I will give it a try. Urotsukidoji is set in Tokyo where we meet a whole load of perverted students who enjoy one another a lot. The story goes that there are 3 realms, Us, and two demon realms. Once every 3000 years the Chojin will arrive and bring peace to all three realms. 3000 years are up and Amano Jyacku and his sister think they have found the Chojin and peace will reign. However the demons are against the Chojin, and will stop at nothing to hault the arrival of the Chojin.

The Chojin is actually a normal student called Nagumo who is in love with Akemi, everything is going well until Nicky who also is in love with Akemi sides with the Demons. Now the fate of the Earth is undecided.

Urotsukidoji contains scenes of a graphic nature, some funny and some disturbing. However you always get the impression that it is not done for thrills, it is an accurate example of the demons..for which you end up hating them. Similarities between the Ma'kai and the Bachai of Greek Legends are made and you may draw your own conclusions.

All in all Urotsukidoji is a good anime, one which you really have to watch just to see if it is as bad as everyone seems to make out it is.