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Episode 10- Sign of Darkness

Ken and Ryu pull up out front of what is supposed to be one of the Ashura gang's buildings. The smash their way through a couple of scumbags and burst into a lounge area. Donu is sitting in there drinking some wine with some other members of the gang. He is a little shocked at seeing Ryu. Ken smashes two gang member's heads together and tells Ryu, "Take your time, thank him alot!". Ryu goes up to Donu and explains how he just wants to thank him for everything. Donu attacks. Ryu easily avoids Donu's pathetic attacks. Donu does not even score a single blow. "Please accept my gratitude!", says Ryu as he smashes Donu's face with his punch. Donu drops like he just got slammed with a brick wall. At the airport... Roger ( the man who threw Ryu in jail) and his assistant Su Ng are in their office. The door flies open and Donu comes crashing to the ground in front of them. Roger is stunned that Ryu is standing before him. Ryu reminds him about how he told Roger he would get the man! Ken appears and says there are 10 more guys in the hall. Roger is simply amazed at this, Donu is one of Ashura's top men. Plus another 10 gang members. He salutes Ken and Ryu. Donu gives Su Ng a strange look.

Outside, Ken and Ryu are walking to the car, laughing it up and commenting on how they enjoyed beating up the gang members. Ryu catches a glimpse of something metallic in a window. He screams, "DUCK!", as he pushes Ken to safety. Ryu gets hit in the shoulder. Ryu and Ken give chase after the sniper. They get to the room where the sniper shot at them but find no one there. They look out a back window and see a truck pulling away. They jump on top as it is pulling away. Ryu says, "I won't forgive anyone who tries to kill us!". Back at the airport, Dohrai is just arriving. Roger greets him. He apologizes to Dohrai for how Ryu was treated. Dohrai tells him that he thinks there is an Ashura spy in the department and that it is Su Ng his assistant. Su Ng meanwhile is interrogating Donu.

The sniper calls in to HQ. He informs Mr. Zocci that the assasination on Ryu and Ken failed and that they are on their way back. After Zocci hangs up with them, his video screen curtain comes up. A shadowy figure appears [M.Bison head of Shadaloo] Zocci is extremely polite to him. Zocci explains that they have been delayed but everything is moving smoothly now. The video screen goes out.

Roger and Dohrai leave the room, leaving only Su Ng and Donu. Dohrai has planted a listening device in the room. They over here the conversation between Donu and Su Ng. Mr. Zocci told Su Ng to kill Donu, he is expendable. Dohrai and Roger race down to stop Su Ng, they are too late. Donu is dead, and Su Ng has fled to the airport.

Meanwhile Ryu and Ken are still hanging on the trucks roof! The truck pulls into the secret HQ of the Ashura gang, unfortunately security cameras spot Ryu nad Ken on top of the truck. When the truck stops Ryu and Ken beat up the drivers, but then lights go on and Ryu and Ken are surrounded by the Ashura gang members. Meanwhile Su Ng is driving back to the base aswell. He is unaware that Dohrai suspected him for a while and his car is bugged. As soon as the car stops a fleet of police cars take off to where the car is stationery.

Ryu and Ken are being beaten badly, Zocci wants to know who they work for. Ken replies that they don't have to work for anyone to take down scum like them! Zocci hits Ryu, and then Zocci walking stick is placed on Ryu's wound and wiggled around in a painful way. Zocci takes Ryu and puts him in a chair, a curtain pulls away and jars filled with hands and other body parts are visible. Zocci syas if Ryu does not talk, then he will also lose a hand. Zocci attaches a saw to his fake arm, sirens wail - the police are here! Ken takes control and kicks the guns away from his captures then goes for Zocci. After a few near misses he lands a front snap kick. Dohrai and Roger enter the room and see Ken and Ryu calmly sitting at Zocci's desk.

The media transmit the story and Ryu and Ken are given credit for their involvement, also all those wrongly convicted by the Ashura gang are released, namely Sagat. Ryu and Ken are there to greet him. Sagat grasps Ryu shoulder unaware that he has injury, Ryu flinches and drops the Dharma scroll. Sgat picks it up and says "Hadou ko". He tells them to head to India, to a village called Ahitchatra. There they will find a monk who calls himself Dhalsim.