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Episode 12- The Beasts within

The next morning the would be treasure robbers have rounded up all the villages and are threatening to shoot them unless someone goes in and gets the treasure. A little boy brings Ken and Ryu to the temple. Ken and Ryu are ready to fight against the men even though they have guns. They advance on them on. Dhalsim tells them all to stop and asks what the robbers want. He tells Ken and Ryu that they are beasts, they did not think about the stray bullets that may have hit the villagers during the fight. Ken and Ryu realise their error. They say they will not harm anyone if they get the treasure and are allowed to leave.

Ken and Ryu say they will get the treasure. Dhalsim tells them to remember the cave is a mirror of their own self. A mirror of who and what they are. Ken and Ryu enter the temple to get the treasure. They get to the room with a beautiful golden statue in it. Suddenly, they begin to have an out of body experience. They are looking down on their bodies and floating. They are being sucked toward a large rock face. As the two hit, they appear all alone, with dark clouds turbulent clouds swirling around them. Before each of them, appears the mamuro "demon" of who they are. Ken and Ryu both start fighting their demon, not knowing where the other one is.
Ken remarks how his demon is so much like Ryu. Ryu remarks how his opponent is so much like Ken. The two go at it. Ken and Ryu both hear the monks words echoing through the dream world, "remember it is a mirror one's self..". The demon's mess Ken and Ryu up really bad. Ryu has lost all vision in his left eye. Ken has broken at least 3 ribs so far in his fight with his demon. Ryu falls over and begins to meditate like Dhalsim was. Ken notices his demon is now meditating. Should he attack or is a trick. The two are completed exhausted and will die if they continue on in their fights.
Ken wonders what is going on. They came in together, he screams out Ryu's name. The demon before him shatters. The two find themselves on the floor of the temple by the treasure. Both are really badly injured and can barely walk. Ryu laughs about how they almost killed each other. Ken doesn't laugh and the two realise that they acted like beasts. They were lucky to have survived. The two help each other out of the temple with the treasure in hand. They hand the treasure to the robber. The robber's decide to kill them both. Ken and Ryu are completely helpless, having nearly just killed each other. Dhalsim quickly appears between the robber leader and Ken and Ryu. The leader is shocked and tells his friend to shoot. He looks toward his friend who is standing there paralyzed. Dhalsim has blocked the energy flow in his body, and does the same to the leader.
Dhalsim asks the young girl who led Ryu and Ken to the village to return the statue. Ryu and Ken look at him astonished. She runs into the temple. Dhalsim explains that the temple will reflect only her innocence and goodness of her heart. Dhalsim uses the energy wave to begin healing Ryu's eye and Ken's ribs. He takes them back to his place where he can further treat their wounds.