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Episode 15- Confrontation of the two heroes

Over the sea a plane flys, it is the private jet of M.BISON, undetectable by radar. The jet lands and M.Bison enters a car and is driven off to his destination.

Ken returns from reception with a message, he has been invited to a exclusive party at Madame Exsustia's. Ryu is envious as he reckons it sounds like a good fighting place, Vhun-li disagrees and says it is a private party, and Ken is very lucky to be invited however Ken can not go by himself. Ryu explains that parties are not his seen, Chun-li says that is all well and good but Ken needs someone to go with. Ken wonders who he could take at such short notice, Chun-li says she will go. Ken smiles and wonders why he didn't think of that!

Ryu waves the two of them off, he plans to do some training. Ken adn Chun-li leave for the party. Ryu finds a stretch of deserted beach and begins practicing his hadouken, as he does M.Bison is being driven past, he orders the car to be stopped as he watches Ryu form the hadouken. Just as the hadouken is reaching it's peak Ryu senses something and breaks his concentarion. He turns around seeing a car driving off.

Meanwhile Ken and Chun-li arrive at the party, they are given eye masks to wear. As they are guided to their table Ken looks around him. In the centre of the room there is a large cage, a deathmatch cage! Gouki [Akuma] makes his third appearance sitting around the table occupied by many of Vega's fans.

As they sit lights flash and hanging from the ceiling is Vega, he announces that one of the guests shall fight him today, that guest is Ken Masters! Ken is surprised and looks towards Chun-li she is fixated on Vega. Ken accepts Vega's challenge and asks him what he has done to Chun-li. Vega explains that she has been drugged, soon she will love only him!

Vega offers Ken a weapon, but Ken denies he can beat Vega with his bare hands! Before the fight a small ritual is carried out, Vega cuts the underside of his arm with his claw, he then does the same to Ken. Now the fight can begin! Up in the balcony a mysterious figure has appeared, it is M.Bison. The fight kicks into over gear as Ken lands many punches on Vega. Vega is impressed but warns Ken that he won't touch him again. Vega attacks and starts slashing away at Ken, Vega jumps to the roof, then dives down to land the final punch on Ken!