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Episode 16- The new master

Ken dodges many of Vega's attacks, and launches a flurry of kicks against Vega. Each kick connects well but this does not faze Vega. Ken refuses to give up and continues to launch kick after kick, finally a rogue kick knocks off Vega's mask. Vega is pleasantly surprised and in turn increases the power of his attacks, each swipe of his claw cuts through Ken.

Meanwhile on a deserted beach Ryu is practicing his hadoken. A previous attempt displayed Ryu's lack of discipline, but this time things will be diferent. Ryu summons up all the energy within and forms a ball, then with a scream of 'hadoken' he lets the ball go. He did it! He did hadoko! But he used to much of his strength, Ryu collapses on the ground, he still has a long way to go.

The fight between Vega and Ken is reaching a conclusion, but for ken it is looking like this will be his last fight. From high above M.Bison watches enjoying the show. Ken struggles to his feet and screams, each yell is a refusal to let the pain get to him. The fight is not over yet. A shadoloo worker informs M.Bison that Dolei the man who shut down the Ashura drug ring is in the country and he is looking to take down Shadoloo. However things are looking up, Dolei's only daughter is sitting in the same room watching the fight, but the icing on the cake is that Vega's opponent is Ken Masters, the only son of the Masters family, one of the richest families in America.

Back in the cage the fight is nearing its conclusion. Vega jumps up on to the light fittings. This looks like being the final stage of battle. Vega leaps off the lights, claws extended. Sensing his moment Ken runs and jumps, slowly bending his arm at the elbow and with a cry of 'shoryuken' he sends Vega flying into the lights. Ken falls to the floor, beaten and bleeding. A flurry of images flows through Chun-li's head eventually she remembers that it is Ken who she likes. She jumps up from the table and greets Ken in the cage arena. High above M.Bison leads the applause.