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Episode 17- Bison's orders

Ken and Chun-li comfort one another. Ken Masters seems to be an impressive fighter, but M.Bison remembers another man he saw recently who could pose good competition. He sends a order to capture the man he saw training on the beach - that man was Ryu.

As Ken is about to leave, Vega regains conscious and jumps down from the light, ready to kill Ken once and for all. Ken feels little bits of light shards, he looks up and spots Vega. He has no time to launch an attack, instead he positions himself and catches Vega and breaks his rib on his back.

Meanwhile Balrog is driving to the airport to pick up a top notch assasin who has been sent to kill Dolei. She exits the plane, she is dressed in a business outfit, dark glasses and has long blonde hair. She is the top MI5 agent Cammy White. Balrog drives her to the hotel where Dolei is staying, but before leaving Cammy informs Balrog that she is well aware that they will try and kill her as soon as her mission is carried out, that may not be the most intelligent option to take.

Back at the fight hall both Ken and Vega are placed on hospital beds and taken for immediate surgery. Chun-li follows along at Ken's bedside, suddenly Vega gets taken off in a different direction, Chun-li is suspicious but continues along with the Doctors anyway. They all enter a large room, and Chun-li realises that something is wrong. The door opens and in walks M.Bison.

Chun-li asks who he is, he replies he is the owner of the place and Ken and Chun-li will both get the attention they deserve. Just then Ken wakes up, he asks where they are but Chun-li does not know. A Doctor injects Ken with some serum which knocks him out. M.Bison introduces himself properly, he explains how he is looking for a special lady and Chun-li is just the girl. Chun-li tells him to back off, but M.Bison continues to advance. Chun-li launches into a series of attacks, but they have no effect on M.Bison. M.Bison askes Chun-li what he father Dolei would think of her acting this way. At theis point Chun-li realises that she is in the same room as the leader of Shadoloo. She looks around and all her movements are being recorded.

M.Bison tells her to calm down, but this has the opposite effect and she grabs a light and thrusts it into M.Bison. The electricty surges through M.Bison with no effect. M.Bison picks up Chun-li by the neck and holds her against the wall, he tightens his grip, until her body goes numb. Ken wakes up only to see Chun-li's lifeless body fall to the floor.