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Episode 19- A job for the Iron men

Dolei is typing away at his laptop, the phone rings and he answers it. It's Fei-Long, he explains that he is coming out to visit for a few days before his latest movie shoot. Dolei ends the conversation and gets back to work. Cammy knows what she must do, so she jumps in the air and performs a cannon drill aimed at Dolei's neck, fortunately Dolei notices her reflection on his laptop screen. He avoids her attack, but is to slow to stop her from attaching her piano string wire around his neck, she throws him over the balcony and lets him hang there. Unbeknown to her he attacks when of his pressure points rendering himself unconcious. Cammy lets go of the piano wire and Dolei fall's into a passing truck.

Mean while Ken's father has enlisted the help of an old friend who has recommended that Guile and Nash, his two best men search for Ken. Ken is still strapped onto the stone table, he drifts in and out of conciousness. Each time revisting the battle between Chun-li nad M.Bison. Guile and Nash arrive at the Masters house. Guile recognises Ken from the young man who attack him at the millitary institute. Guile and Nash leave in unmarked F-15 strike eagles.

M.Bison checks on Ken, and is pleased to find him reliving the previous days events. M.Bison then orders for the man he saw training on the beach [Ryu] to be brought to him, as M.Bison has not sensed a power like that before. Meanwhile on the beach Ryu has collapsed from training hard doing Hado. The gigantic Russian - Zangief walks over to Ryu picks up one of his legs and begins to drag him away...