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Episode 2 - Incredible military combat

The tall figure enters and notices all his collegues on the ground, he asks whether this is Ryu and Ken's work. They nod and Ryu walks up to the army man. The army man warns Ryu off but Ryu doe snot listen, he throughs the army man's coat off. The army man is huge and the fight begins. The army man starts hitting Ryu all over the place, whilst Ken watches. Ryu goes down, then comes up again - he will not give up. The army man questions Ken why he is not coming in to help his friend, Ken replies that Ryu is not finished yet. But he is. The army man knocks Ryu down, commends him for a good fight and leaves.

Ryu is badly beaten and is taken home by Ken. Early the next morning Ken is in the dojo training, he trains so hard that he sends the punch bag flying off its brackets. Ken now wants to face the army man. He heads off to the military base and tells the guard that he is here to see a friend, unfortunately his name is not on the list. Ken walks away, makes a phone call then is let in. Ken manages to find the only army woman and asks her whether she has seen this 'big strong' army man. She replies that the description he has given applies to most of the men here. Ken is surprised and together they head to the gym to start looking for the army man.

Meanwhile the army man is waking up, he is hung over and explains how a couple of kids ruined is night. He heads to the gym. On the way to the gym Ken notices the army man's picture on the wall. The man is in the airforce and his name is Guile!Ken heads to the gym, he gets there just as Guile is leaving. Ken explains he is here to finish off last nights business, the army lady realises that she has made a mistake in trusting Ken, but it is too late the fight is on!

The fight starts outside and Ken is beating up Guile pretty bad, as he is still hung over from the night before. Guile goes down, grabs some sand and throws it in Kens face, then proceeds to beat him senseless. Guile wins again.

Next day Ken and Ryu are both contemplating the previous days events, they are not as strong as they believed. Ken suggests that they travel the world, looking for other street fighters to test their skills against and learn more on the art of fighting. The next morning they leave for Hong Kong.