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Episode 20- Hidden powers

As Zangief drags Ryu along the sand, Ryu wakes up and gets up. Zangief explains that he has to take Ryu somewhere, Ryu is not interested he is tired. Zangief attacks Ryu but is no match for Ryu's moves and agility. Frustrated the driver of the truck drives towards Ryu who jumps up and grabs onto the side of the truck, the truck continues along towards Zangief who lifts up his arm and clothesline's Ryu. Just as Ryu is about to get up Zangief picks him and pile drives him into the sand. Ryu is out cold he is not going anywhere.

Just then a large circular light appears on the sand, it is coming from a helicopter. Guile jumps out and watches as Zangief gets into the truck and drives away. Meanwhile Dolei is in hospital, he is in critical condition and that it is a miracle that he survived. Another member of Interpol is at the hospital and is horrifed to discover that it was a failed assination attempt, is there a spy among them? Immediately the order is given to move Dolei to a another hospital room.

Guile and Nash continue their investigation following Ken's route to the chateau where Ken fought Vega. The place is deserted, everything is in excellent condition, this raises Gauile's suspicion.

Ryu wakes up to a sound of a voice. Ryu is mad he wants to see who he is talking to and now. With that M.Bison appears explaining that he wants Ryu to become a member of shadowlaw. Ryu disagree's he wants to leave. M.Bison explains that the only way he and his friend can leave is by beating him! Ryu is shocked, Ken is here. With that Ryu adopts his fighting stance and begins to attack M.Bison. A few punches are landed until M.Bison psycho power throws Ryu across the room. 'is that all you have' M.Bison asks. Ryu is mad he begins to summon the hado.

In the adjoining room the fightis being monitored, M.Bison's workers are surprised to learn that Ryu's power is as powerful as M.Bison's. As Ryu and M.Bison power up, screams come through saying that they should stop as the room can not take such power. With each passing second Ryu finds it harder to control his hadoken, is it because of M.Bison's power. Suddenly the two powers hit and the room explodes, a lone voice asks for a medic to be called, Ryu is in a bad shape.