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Episode 21- Mind control chip

Ken still battles in his dreams constantly reliving the M.Bison/Chnu-li fight. Slowly and surely Ken's power is increasing. Meanwhile driving along the coast of Barcelona Guile recognises a truck which looks like the one he saw on the beach. He nad Nash investigate, and head down to a small port where an elderly men claims he saw people matching the description being taken out to sea. Guile and Nash hire a boat and head out to sea.

Back on M.Bison's island the mind control chip is demonstrated. As the brain has 4 main segments, the chip will be implanted in the frontal lobe where the emotions are decided upon. The shadowlaw computer will then send out signals to the chip which will take control of the persons nervous systems. This is shown on a test subject and ends in the demonstration of the subject head butting the wall until his skull cracks, killing himself. M.Bison is impressed and intends to use Ryu as the first Shadowlaw super-warrior.

At Barecelona airport Fei-Long arrives, and catches the end of a news report which reports tha Dolei was drunk when he fell from his balcony. Fei-Long is mad and he rushes to the hospital to see Dolei. By the hotel pool Cammy is enjoying a refreshing drink when Balrog calls her. He congratulates her on making it seem like an accident. Cammy is confused and she informs Balrog how could piano wire around the neck be an accident. Balrog is shocked and explains that the news report claims that Dolei was drunk when he fell. If Cammy was not responsible for this then Interpol must have put out this story, meaning that Dolei may still be alive.

Fei-Long reaches the hospital and begins creating a scene about how Dolei can not be dead. Fei-Long falls to his knees and begins to cry, a voice calls out instructing Fei-Long to come with him so they can talk about Dolei.Nash and Guile discover and island and examine it through their binoculars. Something is wrong, the island has defenses. They decide to investigate at nightfall, but nightfall may be too late, as Ryu is being prepared for the mind control chip.