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Episode 26- Losing Nash

Cammy and Fei-long continue their fight. Cammy has the advantage, but lets her guard down allowing Fei-long to come back at her. They both go for each other, and just as Cammy is about to land her hit Fei-long surprises here and strikes her in the chest sending her flying into the medical equipment.

Dolei's respirator comes off and he begins to go into spasms. Cammy stands up ready to continue the fight but doesn't move. Fei-long takes this opportunity to replace Dolei's respirator and question Cammy's motives. Cammy replies that she would rather win the fight true than take advantage of someone trying to save his master.

Meanwhile Nash is making his way through Bison's hideout, as he does Guile and Zangief battle. Surprisingly they are quite equal, and Guile gets the upper hand by fighting dirty. Just then Nash contacts him saying that he thinks he is near the control centre. Guile responds saying that he will be there soon, and Nash is not to move. Some guards appear and Nash makes quick work of them, he decides to continue up the steps to see where they came from.

Nash enters a door and finds himself facing M.Bison. He fires a shot to his heart and is surprise when the bullet stops and falls to the ground. M.Bison approaches Nash and hits him with his psycho power before lifting Nash up by his neck. Nash dangles holding on to Bison's arm, he tells Guile that Bison is strong, with that his body goes limp and falls to the floor.