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Episode 27- Double Hadou Showdown

M.Bison returns to his monitor and instructs Ryu to us the hadou power. Ryu begins the motion and Ken realises just what he has to do. When he centre his chi, he was able to get inside Ryu's head, he must do this again. Ken adopts his stance and begins to power up.

Meanwhile back at the hospital Cammy and Fei-long start to fight again. Fei-long starts telling Cammy how he will destroy everyone who is part of shadowlaw. Cammy looks surprised, what is he talking about. She says that Dolei was funding the Drug cartel and is an Interpol double agent. Fei-long is surprised and tells her that she is mistaken. As he speaks she looks into his eyes, and see's that he is telling the truth.

Balrog is resting in his hotel room when Cammy appears outside the window, she explains that Dolei was already dead, and that Balrog should have checked, unless he was sending her into a trap. Balrog asks Cammy whether she is sure, annoyed she says yes, and Balrog draws a gun and points it at Cammy stating that she will die a shadowlaw death. With that Fei-long and an Interpol agent comes crashing in to arrest Balrog.

Cammy looks at Fei-long and Fei-long tells the agent to ignore what is about to happen it is all 'off the record'. With that Cammy attacks Balrog. Each strike is calculated and deadly, if she continues for much longer she will kill him. Fei-long tells her to stop, and with that Cammy takes out her wire, ties it around Balrogs neck and jumps out the window. Balrog is dragged to the window, gasping for air, Fei-long follows and is able to hear Cammy's last words of encouragement. She say's that she accepts the law and Balrog will be treated justly by them, and now she must take her own revenge on Shadowlaw.

Back at Bison's base, Ryu has finished gathering enough chi and throws his hadou. Ken counters the hadou by releasing his own shoryuken wave. The two powers collide destroying the room, and sends bothe fighters flying backwards. The force is so stronf that Ryu's chip comes off.

Meanwhile Guile has entered Bison's control room and is distraught at the sight of Nash dead, he attacks Bison, but is unsuccessful. Chun-li will take care of him. Bison issues the order to evacuate the base, and asks for all major players to accept his challenge.