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Episode 29- This is the end

Ryu and Ken find themselves in an area similar to the cave in India. They expect that they are in each others minds again. However M.Bison is on hand to dispel this notion. He explains that they are between space and time, all the energy that they can summon comes from this area. Only a few are lucky enough to come here, they are the chosen ones.

Ryu and Ken are bored of Bison's ramblings and begin to attack him. They land a few good hits, but Bison is too strong. Each time they get close he hits them with his psycho power. As Ken and Ryu weaken Bison begins to use his psycho crusher move. After two attacks Ken can not take much more of it, and decides to use his shoryuken to counter the psycho crusher. It works, Bison is weaken and Ken is out of energy, Ryu must finish Bison off.

Ryu and Bison fight. With renewed courage Ryu is able to land more punchers on Bison. Bison is weakening, and goes to perform his psycho crusher move again. Ryu senses his chance and hits Bison with a hurricane kick, followed by a dragon punch and finally throughs the hadouken. Bison is sent flying back in a big explosion and the energy sphere disappears.

Outside Chun-li blacks out, her chip falls from her head. Guile looks on, sensing his failure in rescuing Ken and Ryu. However just then Ken and Ryu walk out of the dust, they are ohkay.

Later Ryu waves goodbye to Ken telling him that he thinks that they have seen the power they rave in Bison. Ken is amazed, until Ryu reminds him of Dhalsims words, on how he gets the greater achievement when fighting on the side of purity. With that Ryu and Ken part agreeing that the next time they meet, they will be stronger fighters.