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Episode 3- Evil Cave Challenge

Ken and Ryu arrive in Hong Kong and go straight to an expensive hotel. However there are no rooms available, but the penthouse is still available so at $20,000 per night Ken flips out his cards and the room is theirs. The room is massive and they both begin training. Ryu burst out on to the patio and finds a swimming pool, whilst Ken makes plans for their night out on the town.
As Ken and Ryu are drying off, the tour guide calls up to the penthouse. Ken answers the phone and tells her to take the elevator up. Ken tells Ryu that the tour guide is really good looking. Ryu questions as to how Ken can know this just by talking to her. They bet against each other, with the loserhaving to do a hundred finger pushups. The elevator doors open up. Its Chun-Li. She's 15 years old and pretty. Ken greets her, as Ryu goes down on his fingertips to do his pushups. Ryu introduces himself. Chun-Li looks at Ryu strangely and asks if he is always like that. Ken tells her he likes to do that.

A helicopter arrives to take them sightseeing. The three greet Tyler, their pilot. Chun-Li is so excited that she has to be reminded to do her job by Tyler. When Tyler asks where they want to go, Ken and Ryu look at each other and nod. Ken then points to a blacked out section of Hong Kong called Kowloon Castle. Tyler tells them that the area is very bad. The police don't even go in there. It is a lawless zone, where there is betting on street fights. Ryu says that is why they want to go. They want to participate in the fights. Chun-Li is all excited and doesn't really help Tyler convince them not to go there. Finally Tyler gives into their request. He drops them off in a remote area of Kowloon Castle.

The area they are in is pretty quiet. The buildings look like they are in a war zone. The three hear some men discussing how they are going to bet in tonight's matches against the champion. Ken, Ryu and Chun-Li follow the men to where the fights are being held. Ken gives the guys at the door $300 to get them in.

The place is packed. The ring announcer informs the crowd that the next challenger to the champion will not be making it tonight. It seems he was killed earlier in a shoot out with Hong Kong police. The betting will end if someone doesn't challenge the champion. Ken gives Chun-Li a wad of money and asks if she has ever gambled before. She tells him no. Ken tells her to just bet all the money on either himself or Ryu. Ken is about to enter the ring when Ryu jumps ahead of him. The champion is huge and has a roll of fat surrounding his body.

The Master of Kowloon Castle and his floozie watch from a private room. The bell rings, Ryu attacks, the champion falls. We have a new champion! The Master of Kowloon Castle is mad, he yells at his floozie to get more fighters in the ring. Meanwhile Chun-Li collects a ton of money and places it all again on Ryu. Three new fighters enter the ring. They are no match for the power of Ryu. The Master is highly upset. Call in Mr. DalDoh he barks at his lackey. DalDoh is THE CHAMPION of Kowloon Castle. DalDoh is huge, much bigger than the initial guy. He pummels Ryu and knocks him into a corner. Ken rushes forward asking if Ryu is alright and if he should finish this match for him. Ryu tells him that he wants to continue, it's not every day that you get a catch like DalDoh he explains. Ryu gets in a few good hits on DalDoh, then winds up getting getting beaten up some more. DalDoh grabs Ryu by the shirt and holds him up in the air and begins to laugh. Ryu turns his head toward DalDoh and chuckles , "heh, heh, heh", then goes wild on DalDoh. He starts pounding away on Daldoh against one of the rings corners, all the while screaming about a "monster". Finally , to finish off Daldoh, Ryu grabs him by the his mohawk, jumps up to the top of the corner post and flies down , smashing DalDoh's head into the ground. Yatta! He did it! DalDoh is out cold. The Master of the evil cave is furious. He barks out his commands, "they have dishonored the evil cave, don't let them leave alive!". People start charging Ken and Ryu left and right. Chun-Li's winnings going flying into the air. The three make a break for the door. The Master's men give chase. The Masters has put a reward out for their deaths. Ken, Ryu and Chun-Li run off into the night, being chased.