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Episode 4- Escape from Kowloon Castle!

Ken, Ryu and Chun Li run off into the dark night, as huge gangs chase them through the bleak city streets. Eventually they get far enough ahead to jump behind a pile of rubble and rocks. Ken reaches into his jacket to pull out his cellular phone to call Tyler. Oops! It fell out of his pocket back at the fighting arena. Chun Li climbs up on the rubble to get a better view. She spots the city, but it is very far away. Ken and Ryu decide that they will just have to run all the way there. They run through the streets in the general direction of the city. Soon it becomes apparent that they are being followed by some gang. Ken tells them that they are surrounded the gang members start coming out of the doorways and windows of the buildings surrounding them. Their leader comes smashing through a window and does a flip, landing in front of them. "I am Black Snake", He announces to them. Black Snake won't let them just go, because of the huge reward for them. The gang whips out nunchukas. They are all dressed in purple outfits. Ken tells Chun Li, that now would be a good time for her to step back. The Black Snake gang charges in. As Ken is fighting he makes the comment, "This is just like a cheap kungfu movie". Ken and Ryu dispatch quite a few gang members. Chun Li off to the side shouts out "Sugoi! ( incredible! ). Black Snake realizes that he is not dealing with just some street kids here. In some chinese dialect, Black Snake issues a few commands to his men. Chun Li understands a part of it and warns Ken and Ryu about some sort of secret trick. The Black Adder Gang disappears into the shadows. A single member all of a sudden comes flying ( actually levitating ) out, then shifts to the right revealing a gang member behind them. Ken and Ryu are being attacked from all angles. Eventually the two of them get a choke hold applied to themselves. The Gang members viciously attack with their nunchukas, striking numerous blows on Ryu and Ken. Black Snake comes flying down on each of them demonstrating why they are called the Black Snake gang. He uses his nunchukas to simulate a snake bite on the sides of their heads. Ryu and Ken have had enough of this crap, and break free of their captors. Ken tells them, "I've seen enough of it! You'd better change your attack pattern.". The gang is wiped out except for their leader. The leader goes back into the shadows, then flies out and attacks, then disappears again. He jumps out again. This time Ken and Ryu are ready for him. Ken jumps into the air! "HURRICANE KICK", he shouts as he smashes Black Snake with his kick. Black Snake is falling! "HURRICANE KICK", shouts Ryu as he nails Black Snake. Obviously, this guys NOT getting up. They land and give Chun Li a thumbs up.

The three take of into the night, running for their lives, to make it back the hotel. Suddenly wierd laughter and giggling can be heard. A hockey player gangs comes rolling out. They all have masks and wear spikes boots, shoulder pads, arm pads... everything. The six of them skate around our heroes. They come in trying to strike each of them with their hockey sticks. Then they form a line up blocking their way to safety. The hockeygangs begins dropping pucks and whacking them at Ken, Ryu and Chun Li. Ken and Ryu start parrying them out of the air. The gangs stops, Ken and Ryu giggle at them. Their leader tells them to keep attacking, don't let up. The same thing happens. Ryu tells the gang leader, "I don't have time for you small fry", and charges them. Ryu kicks butt, taking out three of them. Ken clotheslines two coming at him and Chun Li and Chun Li beats one up with her purse. "So ready to go?" asks Ryu.

The three of them take off. They are coming up to the fence that separates the lawless zone from the city. A car pulls up blocking their way. The Master of Kowloon Castle steps out along with two huge twin bodyguards. "Sodom! [sodom's armour was seen in Kens mansion in episode 1, so it is fair to assume that someone in the Masters history have fought a similar battle with one of sodom's associates] Gomorrah!", he yells, "Get them!" Ryu is glad this happened and tells them, "Good I was sick of running". The two twins come forward to fight them. "Tag team match huh?", says Ken, "You watch from ringside.".

Chun Li goes off to the side. Ken and Ryu are enjoying their fight, but then get hit by some hard blows, they then realise that they had better take Sodom and Gomorrah more seriously. Ken and Ryu charge in performing a flurry of punches sending the two giant twins sprawling back. Just as they are about to finish the twins off, the Master of Kowloon Castle yells out , "That's enough!". Ken and Ryu turns to find the Master threatening to blow Chun Li's head off. They break off from their attack. Sodom and Gomorrah are coming up from behind to grab them. The whole area gets flooded with light. It's Tyler to the rescue! Chun Li suprises the Master by giving him a nice toss! Ken and Ryu quickly turn around and finish off the two twins. Tyler lands and comes out saying that he will finish these guys. The three of them laugh. Cop cars begin to pull up. The Master gets up and say to himself , "I won't let you go alive! DIE!", the gun goes off.

It was a policmen's gun, the Master appears to be hit in the hand. Chun Li runs up to the detective ands calls him Papa.It's her dad. All of them go back to the hotel, where Papa gives Chun Li a nice scolding. He warns her not to take people to such dangerous areas of the city, or she won't be a tour guide for much longer. Ken thanks Chun Li for the tour and asks if she can show them around tomorrow. Chun Li agrees and shows them a magazine with Fei Long on the cover. Ken and Ryu are very interested in meeting Fei Long.