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Episode 5- Fei-long films an action movie

This episode opens up in Chun Li's father's house, which is more like a temple dojo. He is saying a prayer. Chun Li asks him what the prayer is for, but he does not say. Car's pull up outside to pick up Chun Li's father. It seems they are getting ready to go on a major drug bust. Dorai, Chun Li's father, tells her to invite Ken and Ryu to the dojo later. The elevator comes down from the 78th floor of the hotel. Hector, the manager informs Ken and Ryu that a limo awaits them outside to take them where ever they want to go. Ryu stomachs is growling he is very hungry and wants to eat breakfast. Ken agrees and suggests that they have swallows nest, a local delicacy. Ryu keeps imagining a bird's nest with baby swallows in it and can't imagine eating it. In the limo ride to the Golden Bay Palace, Chun Li invites the two of them to her fathers dojo. They gladly accept.

The Golden Bay Palace is highly expensive, it has the 5 best chefs from various areas of China. The swallows nest is brought out under a cover. Ryu keeps seeing images of poor baby swallows in a nest. The waiter pulls the cover off, it's sea swallows which are completely different from baby bird swallows! Ken tells the waiter, "Serve him first". Ryu seems to like it ALOT. "MORE, MORE, MORE", he keep saying. He says that he does not understand what is so special about it.

At the table, Ken asks Chun Li how she knows Fei Long. She tells Ken, that Fei Long is like a brother to her, they grew up together and that he trains in her father's dojo. Off in the distance, an explosion goes off. The waiter suggests that maybe they are filming a movie. Ryu says, "Everything is so different in Hong Kong!". Actually the explosion was from a ship that Dorai and his fellow officers had boarded. It was a trap, the boat exploded. Dorai and his men escaped unharmed. The three leave to go meet Fei Long.

On the set of the super action movie Fei Long is kicking butt. The extras are flying through the air and Fei Long pounds away at them. The last extra runs away. "Cut! Cut!", shouts the director! Fei Long asks if he has anyone who is better. The two get into a fight. Fei Long explains to him that this is supposed to be a super action movie. One that will take him to the top. He can't do that if the fights are fake, he wants real warriors fighting him!. Chun Li and friends arrive on the set. "Whats wrong?", she asks Fei Long. Fei Long explains to her how he needs tougher extras to make the movie work. Chun Li offers the services of Ken and Ryu, explaining and even demonstrating how they kicked ass in Kowloon Castle. The director tells them that they need ONE extra for the next fight scene with Fei Long. Ryu is ready for some action but Ken tells him that it is his turn now. And besides that he says, "your not action material". The director tells Fei Long to choose between the Ken and Ryu. Fei Long looks over at them. Ryu is flexing his muscles, while Ken is just standing there looking pretty. Fei Long points at Ken. Ken goes off to change into an outfit. Ken returns and his upset at how cheesy the costume he has to wear looks. Chun Li and Ryu are laughing at it. Ken has on a bald head cap, with hair only on the sides and is wearing some sort of hairy vest. Everyone is told to keep quiet. One of the director's assistants tells Ken, to just follow along. Ken tells him yeah yeah, create a realistic fight scene...

In the first part of the fight Ken stays very defensive, mostly just doing blocks. Ryu shouts out. "What's wrong Ken?!... I can do better that that!". The director's assistant comes over with a big QUIET sign. The director stops them. He tells them that it was very realistic. He tells Ken not to be so defensive. This time Ken comes out attacking more. He unleashes a flurry of punches against Fei Long! Ryu shouts out, "That's it! Way to go Ken!". Ryu gets the quiet sign flashed in front of him again. The two fighters stop after a bit. Each compliments each other. Ryu asks Chun Li if there are more fighters like Fei Long at her father's dojo. She tells him no, he's special. Ken and Fei Long pick up with the fighting again. They start tearing apart Tiger Baum Garden. Smashing walls, and statues, as they take their fight all over the place. The director's assistant asks if the director will take responsibility for all the damage. The director tells him, that that's what the producer is for. The camera crew is running after Fei Long and Ken. Fei Long knees Ken in the head. The headpiece flies off. The director's assistant asks if they should stop the fight scene.

The director yells at him and says that its only a small detail. This is the best fight scene the director has ever scene. Ken and Fei Long are really going at each other. Fei Long unleashes a flurry of punches. Ken kneeling on the ground blasts him, holding him in the air with a series of stomach punches! "SHORYUKEN!", shouts Ken as he does his dragon punch, spiraling into the air!. Fei Long goes flying back lands and rolls up. "CUT! CUT!", screams the director. Fei Long's face is swelling up from the shoryuken. He says he wants to continue but the director explains it will be too hard to to edit out a swollen face! Fei Long tells Ken that it was a great match and that he would love to continue another time. Ryu is impressed at how good Fei Long is remarking "What a great fighter!".