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Episode 6- Shopping and spiritual power!

Ken, Ryu and Chun Li leave the now damaged Tiger Baum Garden behind. They are driving in the limo, which isn't just any limo but a Rolls Ryce. Chun Li tells Ken and Ryu about her father's invitation to the dojo. Ryu is anxious to see where someone like Fei Long trains. Ken tells them, "Not yet, there's someplace I'd liker to stop first." Can you say SHOPPING SPREE. Chun Li takes them to one of the largest shopping centers in the world. All their major fashion companies have stores there. Ken tells Chun Li that he would like to give her a present for all the help she has been. Ken and Chun Li go on a mad shopping spree, while Ryu chills out for a while. We get to see Chun Li in a variety of outfits. Ken looks quite dashing in his new suit, and attracts the attention of a few admirers. He blows them a kiss. Ryu is quite bored at all this and practically falls asleep in a chair. Ken tells him to make himself useful by carrying and watching all the stuff they bought. Ken buys Chun Li a beautiful ring, she is overjoyed by this and hugs him. Ryu goes off and sits down in the sitting area. An old man seems to be having a problem next to him. Ryu asks, "Old man are you alright?". The old man tells Ryu to take him to a quiet place outside. Ryu abandons all the packages he was left with and carries the man outside to a nice quiet place. The man appears to fall a sleep or die for a moment. Ryu is very concerned and goes to tap him. Suddenly the old man comes alive, he sits straight up. Just a minute ago he was keeling over from a heart attack. The old man begins to meditate. Ryu watches in astonishment and sees the old mans spiritual energy emanate from his hands. Little mini explosions go off, as the old man swallows the energy he created. The old man gets up, thanks Ryu and is about to leave. "Wait!", cries Ryu. "That wave from your hands... the light ball, BOOM!... What were those things?", a totally boggled Ryu asks. The old man looks at him and smiles. The man invites Ryu to come with him to discuss what he just saw. Ken and Chun Li are standing around their bags. No Ryu in site. Then he comes busting through the doors. Ken tells Ryu that it is time for a new shirt. Ryu says he likes the one he is wearing. Ken blames it all on laziness on Ryu's part and makes a comment about how even dogs in Hong Kong can be found wearing different clothes. Ryu apologizes for leaving their stuff and says that he must leave, an emergency has come up. As he is running out the door to get back to the old man Chun Li tells him the name of her father's dojo to meet them at.

A small tea shop. Ryu asks the old man if he really will be alright. The old man tells him, that he has minor heart attacks and that that "thing" Ryu saw helps him recover. He tells Ryu "you saw my spiritual energy, that's pretty good for a young guy." Ryu wants to learn more about what he saw. The old man gives in quite quickly, saying that he owes his life to Ryu. The old man takes him into a secluded back room. Naginata's and other weapons adorns the walls. On one wall is a scroll of a man holding a ball of light in his lap. The old man explains to Ryu that the picture is of St Dharma.

He was one of the early founders of martial arts. He leaned up against a temple wall for 18 years before attaining enlightenment. The old man then goes on to tell Ryu about "ki". He explains that the human body is made of "ki". "Genki" is health, "Byoki" is illness, and yooki is courage. The state of these three elements represents one's "ki". One's "ki" is controlled by "ki koh". "Ki koh" is used in China for medicinal purposes. Meanwhile back in the limo, Ken and Chun Li wonder if Ryu is alright. Ken seems to be worried. Chun Li asks if he is concerned and he says no. She tells Ken that the two of them are like inseperable twins, and that Ken does not seem to have fun without Ryu around. Ken tells her that he is having FUN.

The Old man shows Ryu the trinity form, correcting his stance. Ryu asks how long he must hold the stance and the old man tells him, "30 - 40 minutes". "So long?", Ryu asks. The old man decides to teach Ryu an easier one, the fundamental form. The old man bends his legs, tells Ryu to pretend like he is holding a ball in his hands. Concentrate on the energy. The old man sends the imaginary ball at a candle across the room, knocking it out for a few seconds. Ryu's turn now. He creates the imaginary ball between his hands, cradles the ball back to his side, then pretends to throw it forward at the candle. The candle does not waver at all. Ryu opens his eyes and laughs. The old man is staring at Ryu in disbelief. He is very impressed with this young man. He tells Ryu that he must train not only body but mind as well. Ryu tells him that he must go catch up with his friends. The old man asks if he can stay longer, but Ryu must get going. The old man takes down the scroll of Dharma and hands it to Ryu. Ryu doesn't want to accept saying that it must be really valuable to the old man. The old man tells him to take it saying that Ryu will one day reach an impasse in his life, and will need something to get him through it. The old man tells Ryu that he is Young the Tea Seller. Ryu introduces himself. "Ah Ryu ( dragon ) what a good name.", says Young. As Ryu leaves Young says to himself that Ryu doesn't know what he possesses and that he will enjoy watching this young man.

At Paitichi Hall, Dorai's dojo, the students are sparring with each other. Ryu comes running in and is suprised to see Chun Li in her martial arts uniform. She is fighting next. Dorai apologizes and laughs saying that Chun Li is a tomboy. Chun Li spars off against Wong. Wong gets his ass kicked. Ken and Ryu are simply amazed at Chun Li's skills. She finishes Wong with a kick to the groin and a throw. Her father scolds her for lack of control. Poor wong is on the ground in pain. Ken and Ryu are discussing that last groin kick they saw and cringing over it.

That evening, the four of them are discussing chinese martial arts. Ken tells Ryu that he missed all the excitement earlier in the day and inquires as to what "the emergency" was. Ryu explains to them about the old man and the hadou ko and mentions the name Young the Tea Seller. "WHAT!?", cries an astonished Dorai. He then asks Ryu to describe the old man. Ryu then pulls out the scroll of St Dharma. Dorai tells them all that MASTER Young, was chosen to be a bodyguard during the civil war in China. Master Young prevented many assasination attempts and trained most all of the top leaders. Dorai asks Ryu how Young is doing these days. Ryu says he has minor heart attacks but is able to heal himself with his hadou ko. Dorai can't believe that Young would just show Ryu something like the hadou ko. Ryu explains how the old man took him into the back room and demonstrated it. Dorai remarks that Young must have approved off him. Ken teases Ryu asking him "Hey what did you do to him?" and puts Ryu in a headlock. Just then Dorai's beeper goes off. He excuses himself.