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Episode 7- Ashura's Revenge

It's late at night. A major drug shipment is arriving on a dock in Hong Kong. Suddenly a flood light illuminates the area. Dorai, bull horn in hand, yells out for the scumbags to surrender or else. He has no qualms about filling them with holes. The police will shoot to kill. The event makes the news as a major bust against the Ashura drug gang. Three Ashura gang leaders are sitting around watching the news. They just lost a very big shipment. The bust threatens their entire underground operation. They all come to one conclusion, Dorai must go. The next day, the chief of police calls Dorai into his office. He is worried about Dorai's safety. He warns Dorai that the Ashura gang will start getting desperate. He tells him to get some bodyguards for protection. Dorai refuses saying that the department is understaffed as is. The chief warns him to be careful. That night, Ken and Ryu drop Chun Li off at the dojo. Tomorrow they are to visit Fei Long again. Chun Li then remembers that she has class tomorrow, and asks Ken to pick her up at the clock tower in the park at 2:00 PM. Ken agrees. AS Chun Li enters the dojo, Yang Suu, an Ashura gang member is watching. A plane lands in Hong Kong. It seems the Ashura gang has decided to bring in some Mui Thai assasins. Rose, one of the Ashura gang leaders is there to greet Donu and his assasins. During the van ride back to the gangs hideout, Donu asks when they can kill Dorai. Rose's cellular phone rings. It's Yang Suu ( the guy who is watching Chun Li ). Yang Suu tells Rose that Dorai's daughter is home alone and that her boyfriend is scheduled to pick her up tomorrow at 2pm at the clock tower. Rose tells him to keep watch on her. The next day. Dorai has now gone a few days without any sleep, he has been working hard at the office. Linda convinces him to go home for some much needed rest.

Chun Li's class lets out and she heads to the clock tower in the park. She arrives a few minutes early and sits down on a bench. At the clock tower are a group of clowns entertaining some people. One fat clown is walking around handing out ballons to the park visitors. He sneaks up on Chun Li and startles her. When he hands he a ballon, he does't let go of her hand. Bad move on the clowns part. Ken and Ryu are coming up the long flight of steps to reach the clock tower, when a fat clown comes rolling down. Chun Li tossed him. Ryu races to the top.

Chun Li is pounding away at the clowns. The clowns can't believe that they are getting slaughtered by a girl. They are ready to charge Chun Li when Ryu taps one of them on the shoulder. The clown turns and asks, "Who are you?". "Who the HELL are you?", asks Ryu as he lands a mighty blow to the clowns face. Ryu and Chun Li have no problem taking out the clown gang. One of the them pulls a gun and threatens them. Ken decides to make his entrance. He grabs the gun and the guys hand. Ken breaks the guys hand and throws him. A pissed Ken grabs one of the downed clowns and starts questioning him.

The clown, after being threatened, tells them that they were sent to abduct Chun Li, so they could use her as bait. Chun Li realises that they are after her father. She goes off to try and get in touch with him. One of the clowns who got away calls Rose. He is crying and wants Rose to send someone to pick him up. My arm is broken he whines. Rose is pissed off at how they couldn't kidnap Chun Li. He tells the guy, no one is coming to pick him up. Rose's phone rings again. Its Yang Suu this time, calling to tell him that Dorai is home alone except for 3 or 4 students. Donu tells Rose that it's the perfect time to attack, while Dorai is not expecting it.

A truck comes smashing through the dojo walls. A huge gang of men pour out from within. Along with the gang members are a couple Mui Thai assasins. Fei Long is at the dojo that day as well. He tells the students that they must protect Master Dorai. The students do quite well against the regular gang members but are no match for the deadly Mui Thai fighters. Even Fei Long is sent flying back by a sharp kick. A group of the gangs members breaks off and enters the dojo in search of Dorai. They tell Dorai, that he should have ran away while he had the chance. Dorai recognizes the voice and calls Donu by his name. Donu is one of the masked Mui Thai assasins. The assasins come in for the kill against Dorai. Fei Long is the only one left outside against three Mui Thai assasins. Meanwhile while all this was going on, Chun Li is not able to contact her father. The line was cut. She, Ken and Ryu race to the dojo after giving statements to the police.


Ken's limo comes crashing into the dojo. Ken steps out and asks "Mind if we join you?". Ryu gets out and announces, "Here come the good guys!". "Careful", warns Fei Long, "these guys are Mui Thai assasins.". Neither Ken or Ryu have seen this style of martial arts yet. Chun Li breaks off to go help her father. Ken and Ryu charge in and get a taste of some Mui Thai knees and elbows. "These guys are good!", they say. Ryu asks whether Ken thinks they have any throws in Mui Thai. They charge out and do take down moves against the assasins. One assasin, kicks at Ken. Ken catches it and tells the guy, "Are you sleepy? It's time for bed!". Ken smashes the assasin into the ground. Ryu takes a knee and has just about had enough of this. He grabs the assasin and does pile driver's him into the ground, shouting "TAKE THIS!". Fei Long takes out the last assasin. While that was going on... Inside Chun Li comes in to help her father.

The two of them slaughter the rest of the gang members leaving only Donu. Donu gets knocked outside and calls for his assasins to finish Dorai and Chun Li. He turns around and is suprised to see Ken, Ryu and Fei Long, standing there, with the assasins all down. Ryu smiles and gives him the thumbs down sign. Donu takes off running. Fei long is going to give chase but Dorai tells him not to. Ryu and Ken question Dorai and Fei Long about Mui Thai. Dorai explains how the art form dates back over 500 years. A skilled Mui Thai fighter can kill with his elbows and knees. Chun Li asks if that is all they can talk about. Ken tells Chun Li, "Don't confuse me with them". Ryu says "Yeah right, that why you were so upset when you got hit by that knee.". Ken shrugs it off saying he was merely pretending to be upset by it. It was part of his strategy. They all laugh. The episode ends with a view of the back of the van the Ashura gang members came in. The symbol of a skull with wings and a lightning bolt through it marks the van. This is the symbol for Vega, [M.Bison in english speaking countries].