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Episode 8- Thailand Jail

Ryu and Ken decide to leave for Thailand. They want to learn more about Mui Thai, and find out which art form is better. Dorai warns them to be careful. Thailand is where the Ashura gang is from. Chun Li waves goodbye and asks them to write her...

Bangkok Thailand, home of Mui Thai. Ken and Ryu have just landed and are walking through the airport. The custom's lines are quite long so Ken suggests that they split up. One of the Ashura gang spots Ryu. He has a medical doctor's mask covering his face. As Ryu is standing in line, the gang member bumps into the people behind Ryu. They go crashing into Ryu and they all wind up on the ground. They get up not realizing that anything has happened. Ken goes through airport security without a problem. Ryu, on the other hand, encounters some difficulty. A drug sniffing dog is barking wildly at him. He bends down and asks the dog, "Whats wrong? Why are you barking at me?". The security guard takes his knapsack and they dump the contents out. In the sack they find opium paste! Thai security swarms in on Ryu with guns ready to blare. Ken turns to look at the crowd and spots the guy with the medical mask, and notices a scar on his face. The guy takes off with Ken sprinting after him. They run outside and the guy disappears.

Inside poor Ryu is getting roughed up by airport security. They keep asking who he works for, who he was going to distribute the paste to. Ryu takes a few rifle butts. A security chief begins to lecture Ryu about drug use. He tells Ryu that Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos being known as the Golden Triangle. They are the worlds largest opium producers. Ryu tells him that he is not a drug user. The security chief doesn't buy Ryu's story about someone planting it on him. He tells Ryu that until this man comes forward, Ryu will be spending time in jail. Ryu says he will catch the guy who did this to him. Ryu is led outside to a police van. Ken is standing on the other side of the fence and tells Ryu to take it easy in there and not to get into any trouble. He tells Ryu he will get him out. Ryu says he won't get into any trouble and that he believes in Ken. Ken watches as his best friend is taken away.

The van arrives at the prison. The prison warden comes out and tells Ryu that the two of them are going to get acquainted. He cracks his chain whip at Ryu, pulling him to the ground. ( Oh by the way, the seiyuu who does the wardens voice... It's the same guy from Sohryuden. He plays Dr. Tamozawa in that role. Can you say Kaibo? ). Meanwhile Ken is still at the airport. He gives dear old dad a call and tells him what transpired. Ken's father tells him that he will get the Secretary of State to intervene on Ryu's behalf. In the meantime, he will make some calls and organize his Thai connections. Back to poor Ryu. He is strung up, and being whipped by the Warden. The warden tells him that he can resist all he wants. Every time he doesn't cry out and scream, it's another year in the prison. He savagely beats Ryu. Back at the airport, Ken's father's Thai connections arrive. About 20 men line up in front of Ken. Ken fills them in and tells them to search for the guy with a scar on his face. The guys spread out and begin questioning people. Later that evening Ken, daring and brave boy that he is, ventures into a rough neighborhood. He spots some men in an alley and goes to ask them some questions. They ask Ken if he wants to find out what kind of neighborhood this is... Ken is frustrated in his search for the guy with a scar, and quickly answers, "I do!". Ken smashes the one guy and chops him in the neck. Wham another guy goes down. Damn this is fun! Last guy, Ken executes a beautiful straight up front kick, sending the last scumbag flying. Ken walks away saying how he doesn't have time for this.

Back at the prison. The beatings continue. Ryu is probably passed out. The prison wardens falls to the ground and cries out "WHY!". He can't understand how Ryu could have avoided begging him for mercy. Blood drips from Ryu's badly beaten body, but no word comes from his mouth. He is taken back to a cell where he is left for awhile until he awakens. The guard gives him a fresh pair of clothes and Ryu goes to get dinner. Ryu walks into the room. He is slumped over, but when he notices everyone staring at him, he quickly stands tall and proud. The prisoners are all whispering how this guy never screamed while being tortured. Ryu is given an extra small portion of dinner and is walking off to sit down. A Thai prisoner trips him to the ground, Ryu watches as his only meal spills from the bowl. The guy tells Ryu that the warden is not the toughest guy in the prison, Mr. Sagat IS! The guy tells him that he should go pay his respects to Sagat. Ryu ignores him. The guy kicks him down on the ground and tries to make him eat the food there. The prisoners are all jeering. Ryu spazzes out. He screams and pushes himself up sending the prisoner flying. Ryu gets up and walks out of the dining area.

Out in the yard the next day, Ryu is relaxing against the prison wall. The guy from the night before come up again, and tell him they would like to take him to see Sagat. So that he can last long in the prison. Ryu says he is not staying too long, and that he didn't do anything wrong. They laugh at him and attack him. Ryu blocks and just avoids their blows, then he gets hit with some hard elbows and knees! "Mui Thai!", he says to himself. That's what Ryu is here for. They give Ryu a quick thrashing. Ryu seems to be holding back. As they pound away at Ryu on the ground, his thoughts turn to Ken's last words, "Stay out of trouble, you hear!". Ryu can only take so much. He introduces one guy to the ground! whilst the other guy has his face smashed into the wall! The prisoners love it! Ryu pounds away, punch after punch after punch! Ryu grabs him and throws him with an overhead throw. Sagat gets up from his weightlifting. He tells Ryu, "You were pretty good." Ryu and Sagat stare each other down....