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Episode 9- Sagat VS Ryu

Sagat comes forward, now that Ryu has got his interest. Sagat orders a prisoner to bring out the gloves. The two fighters put them on. One prisoner goes through the crowd collecting bets on the fight. Ryu takes a very tradional Mui Thai stance and tells Sagat ,"When in Rome do as the Romans do". Sagat charges forward nailing Ryu with a sharp kick. Ryu gets thrown back. Sagat pretty much has his way with Ryu, knees, elbows, and deadly blows. Ryu charges back with a flurry of Mui Thai style kicks.

Sagat comments on how well Ryu has learned most of the Mui Thai techniques but not to underestimate their holy national sport. He charges Ryu and finishes him off with a deadly knee. Ryu slams into the wall. Blood quickly appears on the part of the wall behind his head. Ryu slumps down. The prisoners are jumping for joy. During the fight the Chief Warden collected 1/2 of the money for bets as income tax. Sagat begins to walk away. "You're quite right!", says a standing Ryu. Sagat is can't believe his eyes. Ryu decides to show Sagat what he really knows. Spinning back kick or hook kick smashes Sagat in the chest. Ryu follows with a barrage of punches to the chest. Blood spurts out of Sagat's mouth. Sagat tells Ryu that he is impressed and wishes that there were more men like him when Sagat used to fight in the ring.

Sagat then relates to Ryu how he was set up by Ashura. Sagat refused to lose a fight, and kicked an Ashura gang leader's butt. The next day, Thai police busted him on drug charges and found heroin in his house. Ryu and Sagat are very much alike in their situation. Sagat declares the fight a draw, to be finished some other time. The Chief Warden steps in and says no, they must fight til one of them is beaten. Sagat walks away. The Warden takes out his chain, he swings it overhead. As he is about to release it Ryu catches the end. Sagat knocks the warden into the wall. The guards are about to start shooting when the warden tells them that he will personally take care of the situation. He draws a gun and says he must make a lesson out of Sagat and Ryu for disobediance. He tells Sagat he will shoot him in the stomach.

The warden is blinded by the sunlight. Ryu and Sagat rough the warden up a bit and walk away. Meanwhile Ken is racing around through abandoned buildings looking for the man who can prove Ryu's innocence. At one location he see's the man getting into a car. Ken runs after them. In the car, we have Donu and Zoccie, the head of the Ashura gang. Zoccie scolds Donu for the failed assination on Dohrai and tells him that he didn't like what Donu did at the airport, putting the gang in danger for his revenge. The driver notices Ken giving chase. Ken eventually stops a biker and flies after them. In an alley the guys get away but Ken has managed to grab the mask from Donu. He now realizes that its the same guy from Hong Kong. Ken later calls Dohrai in Hong Kong, to let him know. Dohrai tells him that he will be coming to Thailand to conduct a joint operation against Ashura. Ken later gets news from his dad the Ryu will be set free but they must leave the country in 24hr's if the man who framed Ryu is not caught. The next day, Ryu is leaving the prison. All the prisoners are standing in a line to honor him. Sagat follows behind him. The warden is all bandaged up and mad that Ryu is leaving. As the final gate opens toward freedom, Ryu sees Ken waiting there for him with the car. Ryu tells Ken, "I knew you'd be here.". Ken tells Ryu that he has been paroled but must leave in 24hrs, unless the man is caught. As the two drive off, Ken shows Ryu the mask. Ken tells Ryu that before they go to the airport they have someplace else to go first!

nly take so much. He introduces one guy to the ground! whilst the other guy has his face smashed into the wall! The prisoners love it! Ryu pounds away, punch after punch after punch! Ryu grabs him and throws him with an overhead throw. Sagat gets up from his weightlifting. He tells Ryu, "You were pretty good." Ryu and Sagat stare each other down....