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(Story takes place in 1987)

Gameplay: Street Fighter 1 was Capcom's first one-on-one fighting game. The one player character was Ryu and a second player could join in and play Ken. Original SF cabinents also had pressure pads which you hit to control your onscreen punches.

Story: The first Street Fighter tournament was held and hosted by Muay Thai fighter - Sagat. Sagat wanted to prove that Muay Thai was the strongest of all the martial arts. Ryu signs up to the tournament to test the skills he has learnt under Master Gouken.

Ryu won the tournament, but not how we were all led to believe.

Sagat had the fight won, he had pummelled Ryu, who lay dazed and confused on the ground. Seeing as the fight was over, Sagat reaches out to Ryu to help him up. Ryu insensed by his lost, loses control to the Satsu no Hadou and Dragon Punches Sagat, ripping Sagats torso.

This 'evil ryu' saga was definately a retroactive change by Capcom who have been trying to piece together all the SF stories into one coherrant tale. In SFA3 in Evil ryu's ending you witnesses flash backs to the SF1 fight, and in SFA2 in Adon's ending the Satsu no Hadou is mentioned as to the power that defeated Sagat.

Unsure what had happened to him, Ryu heads back to see Gouken for some answers. However when he returns Gouken is dead, and his [Gouken] daughter is missing. Gouken's daughter is yet to re-appear in SF. Ken witnessed the death of Gouken by Gouki/Akuma's hands. Ryu then sets out to find Gouki/Akuma for the answers he craves.

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