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Capcom Fighting All Stars

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Capcom Fighting All Stars was set to be the next step in the VS series, now that Capcom had taken on Marvel, and SNK, it was time for Capcom VS Capcom.

The game was set in Metro City, the same place that Final Fight is based, other details are hard to come by as the game never got released.

The biggest concern I had with this game was how the special moves were going to work. If the game is 3D then you could just side-step Ryu's hadouken, and easily avoid any potential sonic booms coming your way from Nash.

Haggar returned from Final Fight, and above you see him taking on Ingrid. Ingrid was later redrawn and appeared in Capcom Fighting Jam. The character design seems solid enough, and a bigger improvement on Arika's EX series, and Capcom's own Rival School series.

Here we have another new character called Luke, who is getting a nice shot of Chun-Li's panties. This game was apparently so unpopular within Capcom that it never made it out in any form whatsoever.

Our final image has an image of Ryu who appears to be sidestepping an attack from a new character called D.D. It is highly unlikely that this is Doctrine Dark from the EX series.

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