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After many years of speculation the battle between the two big 2D fighting game companies finally came true.

By the time of Capcom VS Snk' release, Snk was no more. Many Snk artists were hired by Capcom and it shows in this game. The games beginning with Capcom were created with a Capcom bias, this was a good thing for the Snk characters as they were all redrawn and re-coloured, unfortunately the majority of the Capcom cast kept the same sprites from the alpha series.

Capcom VS Snk also introduced the ratio system, which was the first time that Capcom and Snk had admitted who of their characters were the strongest and weakest. The ratio system did not work as well as expected, mainly because some of the ratio 1 characters were very powerful; Cammy being just one example.

Capcom VS Snk was designed on the Naomi board and unfortunately the Capcom cast lost their medium attacks, which meant many players having to re-adapt to their favourite characters.

Capcom VS Snk is an awesome game, sadly now made redundant by its semi 'Pro' upgrade, and its sequel.

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