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Snk VS Capcom : SVC Chaos is SNK's/Playmore take on the cross over series. As you would expect everything is bias towards the SNK cast.

SVC Chaos runs on the same hardware that Fatal Fury ran on many years back, this is why the animation and characters colour palette is not as high as in the other VS games.

SVC Chaos does many things right, first off is the new artwork for Demitri, who looks fantastic. They have upgraded Dan (!) and introduced a new heaven or hell final battle, not to mention the super special move.

All this is great, but the game has come out too long after Capcom VS SNK 2, to be awarded for breaking any new ground.

SVC Chaos is NOT a bad game, it is just not as good as Capcom VS SNK 2.

Snk VS Capcom review
Snk VS Capcom : SVC Chaos review

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