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Street Fighter Alpha

Below is some basic information on Rose's moves and the best way of getting to grips with her in SFA.

Jab: A short punch, same delay as Ryu/Ken jab.
Strong: Same animation as jab except has a glow around it, delay is the same.
Fierce: She whips her cape out and swings it in an arc. Excellent recovery. Excellent range. This is a great counter to jumpers, especially would be cross over attempts.
Short: A quick kick with a better range than forward.
Forward: Good counter move for Ken/Akuma roundhouse.
Roundhouse: Good kick to counter jumping people, but only the tip of her foot connects, and if you mess up you leave yourself open.

Jab: A quick low punch. Only useful in chain combos.
Strong: A low punch. Same animation as jab, but has that little glow around it. Better range than jab.
Fierce: She stands up and whips her cape in an upward arc. Awesome for hitting jumpers. Useful in combos.
Short: A quick litle kick. Useful in starting chain combos.
Forward: A low kick with nice range. Should use slide if you are going to poke low. Useful in chains and other combos.
Roundhouse: Standard low roundhouse. More range than low forward. Useful in setting up juggling combos.

Jab: She punches. Good priority, standard jab.
Strong: Same animation as jab, but with the glow effect again.
Fierce: Swings her cape in an arc. Good range, useful, nice priority. I use this a lot when trying to corner trap people. Or just keeping them pinned.
Short: Vary rarely used, has a oh kay hit priority, but use only in specific combos.
Forward: Good angled kick. Nice for cross overs.
Roundhouse: Nice range. Useful in jumping in over fireballs and starting jump in combos.

Slide: The slide is simply performed by moving the joystick to offensive crouch and hitting the forward kick button. With rose, this is going to be your main weapon. This thing has ZERO recovery time. It goes cleanly under bison's fireball, charlie's sonic boom (except jab), sagat's high tiger. It will trade with all others. More than likely though the trade will be in their favor. Can be countered but most of the time you will recover in time to block.

Alpha Counter
HCF, and any punch
Requires 1 level of your super meter, so it is under here. Alpha counters are new to the street fighter series. They are a type of guard reversal. Basically they allow you to attack right after blocking by-passing 'block stun'. Rose's does a jab soul catch which stuns the oppponent for a brief second when they land. However, in that brief second, there is only so much you can do. The easiest is to slide. You can also do a low forward into a low roundhouse. Also you can do a level 2 soul spark.

-Soul Spark: HCT+any punch
-Soul Catch: F, D, D/F+any punch
-Soul Spiral: QCT+any kick
-Soul Reflect (Straight): QCB+Strong
-Soul Reflect (Upward): QCB+Fierce
-Soul Absorb: QCB+Jab -Slide: D/F+Forward
-Mind Blast: F or B+Strong or Fierce (close)
-Punch AC (Exchange): B, D/B, D+any punch (after block)
-Kick AC (Sweep): B, D/B, D+any kick (after block)

-Aura Soul Spark: QCB, QCB+any punch L1- 3 hits L2- 5 hits L3- 4 hits
Level 1: She does a three hit soul spark. She is invincible until soul spark appears. Can't be air blocked.
Level 2: She moves forward while doing normal attacks (last normal attack is a standing roundhouse) then ends with a 3 hit soul spark. Is invincible until the end of the RH frame. 6 hits total.
Level 3: She does a soul reflect then a soul spark. The soul reflect in this is the only reason to do this SC. The soul reflect not only reflects normal projectiles, but also Super Combo projectiles! So now you can reflect ryu's Super Combo! Should be able to do so for Sagat, akuma, rose, and possibly akuma's air fireball. Will check later. 4 hits total. Invincible slighlty before soul spark appears.

-Aura Assault: QCT, QCT+any punch L1- 1 hit L2- 3 hits L3- 4 hits
Level 1: She does a more damaging soul throw. Doesn't hit opponents on the ground. More priority than normal soul throw. It is invincible during the rise.
Level 2: She does a crouching fierce which knocks the opponent into the air and then jumps after the air-borne opponent and slams them to the ground. This hits opponents on the ground and in the air. Invincible til she leaves the ground.
Level 3: She does a standing strong, crouching fierce which knocks the opponent into the air then jumps up and slams them to the ground. Invincible halfway when moving forward.

-Soul Illusion: QCT, QCT+any kick L1- 5 secs L2- 6 secs L3- 9 secs
This is rose's comback move. When activated 3 shadow's follow rose and mirror her actions. Any move that hits, will hit 4 times (once by her and 3 by the shadows). The only exceptions are throws, air throws, her crouching roundhouse and her standing roundhouse (which hits up to 7 times). Her normal moves gain not only more priority, but also juggle properties. When using this, try to penetrate their block with slides, cross ups and other attacks.
Level 1: 5 seconds
Level 2: 6 seconds
Level 3: 9 seconds
All time is 'game time'

The Chain Combo
These are the main combos you will be using for rose. In fact, more than likely you will be using one main combo, the low short, low forward, low roundhouse chain. This is by far the best chain combo for rose as each kick is longer than the next, so it connects easily. Plus all 3 buttos are next to each other, so you don't have to do any fancy fingerwork, plus it knocks down. The only way to really mix up this combo is to either put a neck kick in front it, or put a jab in front of it. So it would be: Jumping forward (neck kick), low short, low forward, low roundhouse. Or: Jumping forward, low jab, low short, low forward, low roundhouse.

1) Jump in with fierce/roundhouse/forward, low fierce, roundhouse Soul Spiral [5 hits]
One of Rose's most important combo that every good Rose player knows. The low fierce might be hard to connect with and because of the new longer delay of the spiral, you must cancel into it very quickly now, otherwise the fierce will push them too far away. Jumping in with a roundhouse would be safer, and a forward would be even more safer, but neither is as stylish as the fierce.

2) Jump in with forward, low strong, short Soul Spiral [3 hits]
It is much safer if blocked because of the short rather than roundhouse spiral. If done from maximum distance, she can't be countered, and thus sets up for a lethal counter attack.

3) Start the Soul Illusion, cross up with forward, low fierce, roundhouse Soul Spiral [13 hits]
It's best done right after you knocked someone down, in which case you must immediately start the Soul Illusion afterwards. It's slightly harder to do now because you have to cancel very quickly into the spiral. Probably does that same damage without the Illusion, but it's sure to get you some compliments from spectators. It's a good cross up combo to do even without the Illusion.

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