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Rose Dossier
Nationality Italian
Age Mid 2O's
Height 5'8"
Weight 119 lbs
3-Size B-96 W-57 H-86
Likes Bathing, Sleeping In
Dislikes Cruel Intentions [not the film!]

For many years there has been secret organisations who practice in mystical magics and powers based on the person's 'psy' and 'chi'. In one particular practice existed a hidden power which came from your innerself or spirit. Rose had been a member for a while and through this M.Bison came to learn about the power that he had inside him. Together they developed their powers and went their own separate ways.

Rose decided to use some of her power as a tarot reader, and through this she was able to understand what the power really meant. The beauty which is inside her is the source of her power, in other words her power came from her soul - SOUL POWER.

One day she was reading her tarot cards, a large evil was coming, however she recognised the power. It was M.Bison. Rose instantly knows what to do, M.Bison was obviously weaker than her and as his soul got tainted more and more the power that came from within was getting much darker and evil. Rose was amazed when she heard that M.Bison was targetting Street Fighters, and decided that something had to be done.

The battle between Rose and M.Bison went on far longer than M.Bison expected. His power was growing, why would Rose stand up to him, can she not see that he is the stronger. In a split second Rose brought forward a great amount of power from within and centred it at M.Bison. The sudden rapid increase in his power caused M.Bison to lose control and he temporary regained the strength of a normal man.

Rose not sensing any more evil in M.Bison left. A few days later Rose is relaxing in the bath when she picks up a psychic wave. It was M.Bison, and he was even stronger. She had to finish this once and for all. Again Rose set out to find M.Bison, but this time her goal was different. Both her and M.Bison share a similar power, except her's comes from within and M.Bison's come from a machine - The Psycho drive.

After many battles she once again faces M.Bison. However this time Rose is different, she is out to kill M.Bison not to stop him. Rose's soul is no longer pure and she and M.Bison are more similar than she wants to admit. Ignoring M.Bisons words she began to attack, she left it up to her inner power to guide her. M.Bison was amazed, how could Rose see his attacks coming, it was like they were sharing the same soul. Rose launched a final soul bolt which struck M.Bison and left him defeated on the ground. M.Bison explains to Rose that her hatred for him, makes her just like him. What right does she have over who lives and dies when her soul is tainted like his. Rose is amazed, is what he saying right? Had she really lost the meaning of her powers. As Rose struggled to come to terms with what may be true, M.Bison summoned up enough power to cripple Rose.

As he struck her on the spine she fell to the ground, her spirit shattered. But M.Bison's last attack was just too much for him. His power became unstable and started escaping. Just then Guy arrives, he see's M.Bison still alive and goes to finish him off, however as he continues to look around he spies Rose on the ground motionless. He walks over to her, she is still breathing and begins to walk away. Suddenly an image of M.Bison flashes through his head, he turns and M.Bison has vanished. However did the image come from M.Bison or from the wounded Rose?

What happens next has not been confirmed 100% but does go someway to explaining Rose's unfortunate end.

Just as the final blow was dealt to M.Bison he transferred himself into the unconscious Rose, this was how he was able to return to Shadaloo after the Psycho drive was destroyed. M.Bison scientists engineered a new body for him [street fighter 2 art] and he transferred himself from Rose in to this new shell.

What happens to Rose afterwards is still unknown. Evidence of these events can be seen in many official capcom drawings.

Shrine Contents

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